6th grade teacher says “Republicans are stupid” and national conservative media swing into action

What counts as ‘news’? This is an important question. Heretofore: Blah bleh experts blargh journalism. I don’t know the answer, really, I only know what’s interesting to me. What’s interesting to you? I’ll take a current event that’s changing the planet:

“The planet is warming due to increased concentrations of heat-trapping gases in our atmosphere. A snowy winter in Washington does not alter this fact,” the [National Academy of Sciences] said in a statement last year.

“Climate change is a theory as certain as the theory of the Earth’s age (4.5 billion years), the Big Bang Theory, and the theory of evolution,” the highest US science body went on to say.

Tucker Carlson’s “The Daily Caller,” braap blog excelsior, isn’t impressed. Or worried, apparently.

Speaking of the way everybody knows the globe is getting warmer colder extremier because shut up, teabagger, the phenomenon actually saved me $12.99 the other day. I was thinking about buying Josh Bazell’s new novel . .

Does he know that some scientists think it was happening for a while, but it was due to fluctuations in the sun’s magnetic field and not anything human beings have done? How does Bazell explain away the theory that global warming wasn’t anthropogenic, and that it stopped 15 years ago and now we’re experiencing global cooling? Does he think those scientists aren’t really scientists because their theories don’t conform to his prejudices?

In a steel cage intellectual death match, your scientists and ours, I put the house on ours. Good luck reviving those three buggy statisticians that sleep aside the boiler in the Petrol Freedom Foundation basement. In an actual limb-ripping match, our odds get even better given the numbers.

You ask yourself. If something that unfolds over a century and changes the lives of 7 billion people doesn’t count, then what does? What’s ‘news‘ to The Daily Caller?

There you go. Need to read the coverage? Really? Fine:

A Virginia elementary school teacher told her students that “Republicans are stupid” and “they don’t care about anyone but wealthy people and businesses.”

Need more? It’s your life:

“It all started when this disabled kid came in and named all the Republicans candidates for Super Tuesday,” one student told The Daily Caller. “She [Martin] said to him, ‘I don’t like them, I think that they are stupid.’”

The US has 7 million teachers, btw. We’re done, right? No?

“I felt like the teacher was brainwashing naive, young children to believe people like me, my family and, to a certain extent, my daughter, were stupid,” [one mother] told TheDC via email.

. . and then a flying monkey ripped the face from an unassuming janitor, exposing him for the ticking nuclear weapon he really was. Sigh, no. The lone remark was the whole story. Teacher says “blah.” Mommy alerts The Daily Caller. Come to think of it, there’s your story. Outside of a parent potty-training her daughter and saying, “Look at THAT! Let’s go to Mommy’s compooder box and tell The Daily Caller,” there are no sane reasons to bother.

I make up nothing: this, yesterday, was by far the biggest story on Tucker Carlson’s Edsel blog. The Weasel Zippers had to re-post it:

Virginia Elementary School Teacher Tells Students “Republicans Are Stupid”…
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We’re so stupid that we find it abhorrent when a teacher pushes liberal propaganda on unsuspecting students.

Via Daily Caller:

The Lonely Conservative was all over it:

Virginia School Teacher Told Class Republicans are Stupid
By Lonely Conservative | April 5, 2012

The Daily Caller reported that on primary day in Virginia, a school teacher told her class that the Republicans on the ballot are all stupid, and that Democrats do more for communities and schools. Tax dollars pay this woman’s salary. Many of those dollars come from Republicans.

And the Washington Free Beacon put it up in all caps:

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff – April 5, 2012 9:26 am

A middle school teacher in Fairfax, Va. mocked a disabled student’s recitation of GOP presidential contenders, saying “Republicans are stupid.”

From the Daily Caller:

“. . I don’t like them, I think that they are stupid.” A woman said it, the Caller reported it, and the red ass that is conservatism throbbed a little hotter. Yesterday, in Maimanah, Afghanistan, three Ohio National Guardsmen were killed in a suicide attack. Routinely, across America . .

Riki Ingram, 18, Baker, La., shot his leg while “holstering” his gun to his pocket following a robbery (December). Ethan Bennett, 36, Monroe, Wash., aiming at a squirrel running up his leg, shot his foot (November). Special Deputy Ted Maze, Bedford, Ind., shot his hand while reloading at a training session (June). Kenneth Fortson, 21, Atlanta, was killed in a police chase following a home invasion (by, apparently, holding a gun as his pickup truck hit a tree and jarred his trigger finger) (October). Larry Godwin, 68, Redfield, Iowa, shot himself twice firing at a raccoon in a live trap . .