Release the RuPaul

Pity the poor bigots. When the President changed position on same-sex marriage, why weren’t they ready for it? As much time as they spent hating gay people, and Obama, they should have anticipated it.

They should have been prepared for this: “. . it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.” Right then, a vicious co-ordinated salvo of political recriminations should have been launched at Obama’s head. I expected scorched Kenyan.

Instead, it was very lame. It continues at best as a values food fight: all sorts of things going every direction all at once. Mary Matalin’s Sunday take on Obama’s statement was a perfect example. It’s a buffet of every bitter bigoted rant — and wasn’t she lovely as always? But first, Hilary Rosen’s relevant comments. This was on ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’:

You know, when I think about it personally, I came out at 17. The idea that a president of the United States would ever say that I could have that kind of a relationship, when all I was trying to do was figure out how, you know, just to sort of walk down the street without worrying about it. And — and I think that kind of clarity, that kind of leadership, it was a politically risky move for the president to take. The fact that he did it I think is really admirable.

Great take. Matalin responded with a 7-sentence reply, parsed for amusement:

. . It’s not risky if you don’t have a choice.

Obama had no choice. Say what?

You don’t get bonus points if you’re doing your job.

Only the left would tell the President to embrace gay marriage because ‘it’s your job mister.’ I think she’s insinuating. . actually I’m not sure how this is an insult. Weird.

He evolved into the position he originally had.

He’s done nothing. It’s just an invisible historic thing, of the sort everyone will surely remember years from now. Oh.

He’s not bold.

He’s a coward. Nice try, phobiapants.

He was for it before he was against it, and then he evolved back to where he started, which is to be for it.

She’s beginning to run in circles. Which of course is annoying for everyone involved.

His vice president outed him.

He’s gay. Gay for gay people but in the closet until, you know, bigmouth Joe.

And the gay community was holding the money up, and he was on his way to George Clooney’s with an open purse.

He’s a Hollywood queen, one of those Santa Monica boulevard types. That image should resonate with America, who are already sick of RuPaul. But then there’s no good argument against marriage equality, is there? The nuts don’t know what else to say.