National Review reviews ‘culture,’ not race, or so they say

Victor Davis Hanson at National Review. He will remind us, once again, that he’s no bigot. He just prefers certain things over certain darker things. Say, friends, he was just walking down the strasse the other day when it occurred to him . .

You can learn a lot about Europe’s current economic crises by ignoring the sophisticated barrage of news analysis and instead just watching, listening, and talking to people as you go down river.

And you can disguise your tendencies by pretending to analyze Euro-fiscal parametric renoberation rather than admit you’re only annoyed with the dirty ethnics. But then there’s a perfectly good reason why Victor simply prefers white people. It’s because they happen to be different. Better.

Switzerland, by modern standards, should be poor. Like Bolivia, it is landlocked.

To begin with, the Swiss are not Bolivians (thank god). Not the Mexican swarthy.

Like Italy, it has no real gas or oil wealth.

Not the hand-waving swarthy.

Like Afghanistan, its northern climate and mountainous terrain limit agricultural productivity to upland plains.

Not the Musselman swarthy (handy with a grenade).

And like Turkey, it is not a part of the European Union.

Or even the mixed Euro-Istano-swarthy. But I’ll buy the argument that Switzerland should probably be a hairy sweaty country. Nonetheless it’s quite civilized, so the question is why. Victor?

So Switzerland supposedly has everything going against it, and yet it is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Why and how?

You can torture Victor Davis Hanson, and he won’t tell you. Because he has absolutely no idea. However, the title of the post is “Culture Still Matters.” So he’ll be making the case that brownskins are naturally useless, which is why the Swiss are doing pretty well.

Greeks can no more easily give up siestas than the Swiss can mandate two-hour afternoon naps. If tax cheating is a national pastime in Palermo, by comparison it is difficult along the Rhine we privately assume that you would prefer your bank account to be in Frankfurt rather than Athens, or the tumor in your brain to be removed in London rather than Lisbon.

Why are the Swiss better than the Greeks? Why do we prefer the Germans over the Italians? Why are the English smarter than the Spanish? You get the picture.

I have developed an unscientific and haphazard — but often accurate — politically incorrect method of guessing whether a nation is likely to be perennially insolvent and wracked by corruption.

Do average passersby throw down or pick up litter? After a minor fender-bender, do drivers politely exchange information, or do they scream and yell with wild gesticulations? Is honking constant or sporadic?

I don’t know about you, but anytime I end up in Harlem it makes my skin crawl.

Are crosswalks sacrosanct? Do restaurant dinners usually start or wind down at 9 P.M.? Can you drink tap water, or should you avoid it? Do you mostly pay what the price tag says, or are you expected to pay in untaxed cash and then haggle over the unstated cost?

The idiots, right? Which is why, all over the planet, white people rule.