Weekend Muslim hatery slam

Rightblog Weasel Zippers, home of the raging deleted post (“Wow team Obama removes American flag from Ground Zero moments before live shoot”), is having a good ol’ Muslim-bashing time right now. They’re always having a good old Muslim-bashing time, come to think of it.

But right now they’re crazy-raged at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. As if that could be fresh and sassy, you bet. I should get on with it:

WHAT?! They told our Mooslim executioners not to use pictures of women for target practice? THE SAND NIGGERS WANT US TO BE FAGGOTS! Like that. See?

Maybe the SEALS should use the CAIR offices as their training range. They are after all, the enemy.

Time for some live targets, courtesy of cair.

OK CAIR,We will push for a goat holding a weapon…

that should turn you on…

P.S. Please go home, fuck your goat, and shut the fuck up.

LOL…they’de be REALLY pissed to see my range….full-sized mo-ham-head…mo-ham-head….and mo’ mo-ham-head…3 different scenarios at 3 different ranges (30, 45 and 55 feet) but the end results are always the same before I’m done, for some odd reason all the lil’ mo-ham-heads have great big fucking holes in their foreheads!!!

FUCK YOU CAIR and the camel you rode in on.

Muzz scrunts can be rabid jihadis.
Blow her head off.

SWEET! I want to go shot there!

… muzzies have such tiny dicks its a wonder they even have a population to kill or that their women would want to kill themselves…it must get tiring as hell to have to please yourself night after night while their husbands are out raping goats, camels and little boys, huh???

I think they should cut the ears or the nose off so she would look normal.

Question – How can you shoot women and children?

Answer – Aim lower and don’t lead by as much.

They intend (with China being in the lead, and they’ll take over somewhere) to subvert totally.

Ya. How come our SEALs are now as if on-display? Their business is none of our business!

While CAIR is part of the problem, the real problem is the PC Navy staff officers, commanding officers and Pentagon civilian staff that listen to these turds. Same in all the services.

Romney needs to can every one of them and put the nation on a war footing against mooslim violence.

Bring back the Crusades. Death to the infidels.

The reality of the enemy is slowly becoming our own. CAIR is nothing but a tribe of rapists, robbers and retards.


Or perhaps the Department of Homeland Security can give the SEALS some active shooter training….you know, if you see a person witha gun doing bad things, run away and hide. John Wayne must be spinning in his grave like a top!

CAIR fuck off–’ We Americans are offended using real AMERICAN LIVES FOR TARGET PRACTICE ”’ suck allahs sausage dry

muzzies are 2nd stage dog sh-t

Should the SEALS start using hoodies and skittles as targets?

As far as I can tell, there are about a billion muzzies left in the world that we haven’t killed yet. And that’s a billion too many. Load up, everyone.

That’s right! Go get your gun and shoot a billion people. America! @#$%&!