Mitt Romney and the dance of the seven fails

I don’t use the word ‘Amazing’ much. Like that’s important.

Mitt Romney is invoking his Massachusetts healthcare law in the lead-up to the Republican convention, alarming conservatives who argue it’s a losing issue for his campaign. . .

“My healthcare plan I put in place in my state has everyone insured,” Romney told a CBS reporter on Thursday. In a second interview, he called the law an “important accomplishment” that is “working, by and large, pretty well.”

He’s running to the right with Paul Ryan. He’s dodging to the left with healthcare. He’s thrilling the teabaggers with birther brio. He’s reassuring the pensioners with fallacious Medicare jitters.

This might be the stupidest politician in modern history, huh? Real Mitt Romney is apparent and he’s whatever sombrero you wore this morning. He who can stick his one prodding tongue in both your ears. Man love lamp.