The fire next time, that is ‘us’

There was once a conservative American Christian so driven by Muslim hate that he made the most Islam-insulting propaganda piece anyone had ever seen. And that’s why the President stinks. Did you know? Ann Coulter knows:

With the economy in the toilet and the Islamic world on fire, when Obama appears in person it’s even worse than if he were sleeping.

The Muslims are burning. It is very tragic. Why hasn’t the President put out the fire? You would think he’d care. A real president would care. Lonely Conservative:

As the World Burns Obama Fiddles

Violent Islamists are literally setting the world on fire, and what is President Obama doing? He met with Olympians and will go to a fundraiser later.

He could stop the conflagration. Will he? No, the jerk. Michelle Malkin:

White House schedule for World on Fire Friday: Where’s POTUS?

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams to the White House Friday, the daily schedule said.

It’s really the entire world, aflame. Britain, Brazil, the Bahamas. After the terrorist firebugs turned Belgium into a coal pit, Barack should have done something. Anything. Did he? Nope.

With The World On Fire Why Is Obama Putting So Much Focus On Big Bird

Mitt Romney, speaking to a crowd of about 1,200 on a farm here in Van Meter, Iowa, criticized President Obama’s recent focus on Big Bird on the campaign trail.

Angel at worries about the Muslims. Meanwhile Obama agitates for Big Bird. Now you know who’s really American. Now you know who gives a damn. That fire wouldn’t stand a chance in Angel’s world. And now that we’ve gotten that straight, it’s time for free speech.

Everybody Burn The Koran

The FBI use the authority of their offices to intimidate Pastor Jones into calling off his Koran bonfire.

That is an assault on Free Speech by our own Federal Government.

Says Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Torch their holy book, fight for free speech. You Muslims can’t tell us what to do. We’re Freedom. Fuck off, bomb throwers.

If We Can’t Burn the Koran, Then Islam Isn’t Worth Spit

. . The choice is clear: We either accept their verdict that Islam is a second-class religion or we proceed undeterred with our Western treatment of Islam. Personally, I’m not comfortable handling Islam with kid-gloves, treating it with the same tact and delicacy that we otherwise reserve for the mentally retarded. So my message to anyone with a match and a Koran is simple: “Burn, baby! Burn!.”

Mormon Mentality: Fire = Free Speech. Nothing could be more American. We’ll turn your book to cinders if it pisses you off, and when it pisses you off it’s your own fault. Where’s the president, incidentally?

The Power of the Koran!

I hope [Terry Jones] burns the Koran every day from here on out. As a matter of fact if he’ll burn them, I’ll donate a few to him if he runs short of fire material. Why? Why would I support burning books? Someone who believes so much in freedom, someone who hates communism and socialism would succumb to book burning as righteous. Nope that’s not my reason. I support the pastors right to burn whatever he wants. But especially when it drives muslims crazy…Makes my day.

That’s ‘American and Proud.’ Sure it inflames the Muslims, which is good. We’re burning their favorite things! He supports protest, which is something Obama wouldn’t even allow. That guy would like to shut everybody up, when he isn’t doing a thing about the Muslim holocaust/inferno. It’s obscene. A&P is like iowntheworld:

Let’s Read and Then Burn the Koran


Fire is heroic, as is Ann Barnhardt. Bless her balls of steel and bowl of ashes. You can’t stop us, Obama, we burn with freedom. Incidentally, why haven’t you stopped us? Talk about a spineless phony.

There’s an answer to this problem, of course: Mitt Romney. He’ll extinguish the Middle East, with missiles. He’ll be the Red Adair of American foreign policy. Fire in the hole.