National Review stands up for gals

Feminist activist and sometime editor at National Review Rich Lowry fully wondered if he’d have to burn his laminated Nineteenth Amendment card. Then he figured he could make his disgust with Barack Obama public by other means. With “The President’s Insulting Campaign,” I think he’s gotten Gloria Steinem’s attention, among others:

It is a mercy that the suffragettes aren’t around to see President Barack Obama’s campaign for the women’s vote. It would make them weep in dismay.

Elizabeth “Cotton Candy” Cady Stanton famously wept whenever men were boors. Incarnated nowadays, doubtless she’d drown herself. So it’s a good thing she kicked around in a more respectful era, female-wise. God knows where all the suffragettes would have ended up if presidents had brutishly pandered to their whims this way, probably hauling rickshaws in America’s chinatowns. The Lilly Ledbetter act also enslaves employers and more but there’s no time as Rich is off to the equal pay march.

The former uniter is now a divider hoping enough women buy his insipid pitch. Let’s be glad that Susan B. Anthony and the gals are spared the spectacle.

We hope the gals are dead or at least good sports.