Matt Barber calls bans on gay conversion therapy ‘Jerry Sandusky laws’

Holy Matt Barber! What a tower of conservative thought in action. Cast your eyes upon these whopper credentials: Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Counsel and Liberty Alliance Action and Associate Dean of Liberty University School of Law. Impressive, eh? You’d think such a big man would find it harder to hide behind Jerry Sandusky’s dick.

In recent months, “progressive” lawmakers, activist attorneys and militant homosexual pressure groups have launched a fierce campaign to ban therapeutic help for child victims of monsters like homosexual pedophile Jerry Sandusky. California has already passed such a law (SB 1172).

SB 1172 bans ‘gay reparative therapy’ from being used on minors. Since it’s a completely fraudulent idea and technique which frequently drives teens towards suicide, the legislation is long past overdue.

But Matt thinks he is foxier than facts, or death.

The connection between homosexual abuse and “gay identity” is undeniable.

Under Sandusky Laws, if children begin to experience sexual confusion — such as unwanted same-sex attractions stemming from sexual abuse, trauma or any other factor — these bans force, under penalty of law, parents and therapists to tell the children that they are now “gay” or “transgender” and must live with it — even if they don’t wish to live with it and are otherwise recovering from the abuse-caused sexual confusion.

Given the desire to cover your homophobia with bunk science, your politics with Sandusky’s sodomy, and your abuse of struggling teens with judicial asshattery, can I ask an utterly depraved man to fuck the fuck off? I can. Matt. Fuck. Off.


6 thoughts Matt Barber calls bans on gay conversion therapy ‘Jerry Sandusky laws’

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    In my line of business, at least regarding the Diocese next door, we call it the “Bishoprick Law”, in honor of the beneficiary of young minds and hands who have been taught to “polish his Shepherd’s Staff”. Later on, one must often use controversial Enhanced Confession Techniques to ensure that confessions are complete enough for Absolution of the victim and sufficiently documented for blackmail leverage against the Perp. Small price for a win-win. If only we had billable hours for a Confession Session in the Booth of Truth.

  2. avatar toma says:

    A conveniently placed hi-def camera and some unobtrusive Klieg lights would do your collection plate a little good, Reverend. But a live-feed T1 connection and an integrated PayPal account will really rev up the donations. As well as your Vatican profile, if you’re at all a careerist.

  3. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Indeed. True Confessions online. I shall have the Altargrrlz implement your suggestion forthwith. Thus begins the resurrection of the Furst National Church.

    “If He did not mean for them to be shorn, He would not make them act like sheep”

  4. avatar toma says:

    The Reverend is righteous beyond words, and I mean that in the Jeff Spicoli sense.

  5. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine”. Amen.

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