Outraged Daily Caller names developmentally disabled Obama voter

It really pissed people off the way Obama won the election again, today. The ongoing revelations of stolen power continue without any hint of end. Our President’s dastardly efforts are being more and more exposed, the Marxist Capone stuffing dime bags into the threadbare pockets of Messicans and Blahs and winning their uneducated votes. But little known, until the Daily Caller revealed the scheme hours ago, was the crowning part of his winning strategy. He cattle-prodded the Retards to the polls and twisted their stupid wrists until they cried. He told them: You meat sacks will vote for me or you’ll starve. Game over, democracy.

Group-home staff took illiterate, developmentally disabled resident to vote
Laura Byrne | November 4, 2012

Cecil Pearson is “shocked” his daughter voted for Barack Obama in November, but not for a typical reason: Darlene, Pearson’s daughter, is intellectually disabled and functionally illiterate, and lives with five other women in a group home operated by Easter Seals . .

“My wife and I became her legal guardians in 1996 to prevent exploitation like this,” Pearson told the Carolina Journal. “We were not consulted. She is not capable of making an informed choice, and as her guardians we would not have approved it.”

Listen to Cecil, concerned friend of the Daily Caller. If you’ve got Down Syndrome, or if you’re illiterate, your only job on November 6th is to crawl back in your hole. You may technically have the right to vote, but America doesn’t mean it. You’re too fucked up to pick up on this, so you can just take our word for it. The children of our slaves weren’t much better than you, but they figured this much out. And that’s why the history of voting in America is Everything Went Just Great.

Anyway! Now we have your name, Darlene Pearson, thanks to Dad calling you out in the wingnut press. You won’t be hard to find, Missy. And I’m sure you won’t mind answering endless pointed questions from the voter vigilantes about why you think you have the right to cast a ballot for the President.

“We are here to support the individual’s rights and we help them exercise their rights as adults,” Jeff Smith, Easter Seals chief communication officer, told The Daily Caller.

Said the thief. Way to steal the election, pal.

“We we were providing the support for those individuals based on their community involvement and desires, and in this case their desire was to vote.”

How much did Democrats pay you?