Much like cubism, but with squares

I felt Roy was tracking a fascinating if weird phenomenon, what with the con-bloggers going all “We lost because the liberals own the culture.” This comes in response to the election disappointment. He quoted Auslin at National Review:

Without getting too bogged down in esoterica, it seems uncontroversial to say that, at the end of the day, politics is culture (and of course, political systems reflect the cultures from which they grow). If that’s the case, then we will be in ever greater danger at the national level unless we start winning on the cultural battlefield.

So the argument goes: The kids can’t separate the politics from the fun. When Transformers 4 is chock full of white jerks, you can’t expect Mitt Romney to have any chance, can you? If Grand Theft Auto, with all its, uh, urban characters, is selling 80 million copies, think of the advantage Barack Obama has. Pop culture is eating us alive.

I love the complaint, and I love reading Roy. But that’s not exactly a serious concern of theirs, is it? Au contraire:

Many say the answer is to boycott Hollywood — some already have. But when you do that just realize that you are turning your back on the culture and that can have, in fact already has had, drastic results.

As the late — and increasingly lamented — Andrew Breitbart pointed out repeatedly, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

This is Roger Simon. Simon.

Put simply, give up on the culture and you lose forever. (It’s hard enough with the media and the educational system rigged the way they are.)

So my point is quite simple. Quit bitching and start doing.

The more I look for these pep talks, the more of them I see. Roy is right, they’re everywhere (lesson: don’t question The Edroso). We cons can’t compete with you who make us look foolish in the movies. So we’ll make some kewl movies of our own, and then we’ll be the Hip-Hop Presidents, and such. Wait you’ll see.

Good luck, loons! First, you have no talent. Second, you are aware of nothing. These are the crises that rendered you conservative to begin with. It’s true. Look — I’ve been using the blog to post the political cartoons of conservatives for 3 years. Why? Because they are stupefying.

See? Watergate, the hotel? Clark Kent represents a person? Somebody involved in the Benghazi affair? Something else? What is he supposed to rescue? The word, or the concept? Maybe the building? Wouldn’t we already expect Bizarro Clark to do nothing? So the point is . . gawd knows. The thing is nonsense. A disaster. But Conservatives absolutely get it, and it slays them.

Which brings me to my point. When it comes to art, wingnuts, YOU CAN’T DO IT.

Nonetheless, here comes another warrior:

[The GOP] are supposed to be helping us educate voters, grow our base and win elections. From what I’ve seen, they’ve failed miserably at all three. Not only have they failed, they’ve absolutely refused to do anything innovative, to change their thinking in any manner whatsoever or to make any attempt at all to leverage the power of popular culture.

He’s got the answer.

The way I do this is through music. You might have heard of the band I manage – it’s called Madison Rising. We’re somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry, being a pro-American rock band and all. Turns out we’re not really very welcome in that environment. Fortunately though, that hasn’t stopped us from becoming a #1 best selling artist, spending 15 weeks on the top 100 list on the Amazon music charts this past summer . .

He’s doing it. He’s filling the right-wing void with edgy, infectious art carrying a traditional message. Dig. How has he done it? What’s the secret?

. . we are a patriotic, pro-American rock band who believes in hard work, integrity and gratitude for all we have as Americans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, that’s what conservatives are supposed to stand for.

Unfortunately, they don’t know how to convey it. The vast majority of political meeting I go to are nothing but one big (and boring) social event. Everyone talks over each other, complains, moans and incessantly promotes their pet project to a room full of other people all doing the same thing. The end result is that everyone leaves with nothing ever getting done. The message never gets out of the room.

Listen to the guy! The band made it by getting out of the Hannity cotillion, people. They didn’t just rock their pals, they rocked the streets. And now it’s like a Madison wildfire out there — the kids can’t get enough of the sound and the message. That’s how you win 2016, or something.

Boom. Curious? Yeah, lay the MadRizz on us man. Here’s the track that landed them somewhere on the Amazon charts. But grab your wig or flip your rig:

Not exactly Captain Beefheart, is it?


4 thoughts Much like cubism, but with squares

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Just you wait. Back in the day, haters just like you dismissed Medici-sponsored paintings by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Gozzoli, Bronzino, Lippi, Pontormo, Vasari and their fellow travelers as baffling Plutarch-worshipping lickspittle artistic autism. In 400 years, Wayne Stayskal, Eric Allie, Ken Catalino, and especially Chuck Asay will have their names emblazoned in the Pantheon of Great Art. Mark my words before you have to eat your own.

    Well, Vasari did do an unforgivable shit job completing the frescoes/fresci inside Brunelleschi’s dome on the Duomo. And Gozzoli really was an over eager bootlicker. But you get my point or catch my drift. It is prudent to reserve judgment until Judgment Day, my friend, lest you end up crispy like Savonarola.

  2. avatar toma says:

    *googles Savanarola* . . uuh OH yeah. Glenn Beck the Elder. Look here, the Chuck Asays of this world have little in common with the Michelangelos. Chuck’s not dumb enough to get paid a handful of Euros to draw on his back for four years. Who does that? Tha hell? And how exactly does a guy *internet* a ceiling? Rly Mike? Einstein? A lotta good that does you, lazybones. You want timeless, Signor Pinocchio, search Renew America’s archives. Old people are stupid. They’re all dead.

  3. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Pro tip: Ken Catalino’s frequent “misspelling” is a wry gesture by the artist that helps dealers savvy collectors differentiate his authentic masterworks from the many forgeries out there.

    Effervescently yours,
    Rev. Howard Furst

  4. avatar toma says:

    Well then, the Guggenheim might like to vet its Catalino collection. Anyone have Scott Adams’ number? No?

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