They call it vertical integration

This was Bob Owens on Wednesday:

Written By: Bob – Dec• 12•12

It’s been a depressing day. As most of you aware aware by now, yesterday a defective 22-year-old missed a flight to Hawaii, or got his girlfriend pregnant, or maybe just realized how retarded he looked with idiotic gaping holes in his earlobes. Said douchebag stole a rifle [an AR-15 –ed.] from an acquaintance and shot up a mall in Clackamas, Oregon.

Bob on Thursday:

Billet Templar Custom for sale
Written By: Bob – Dec• 13•12

I’ve mentioned several times before my affinity for Templar Custom AR-15 rifles. I wrote about the Templar MCWS for Shooting Illustrated, and was impressed enough to pick up one myself.

While I didn’t have the cash to go all Victor Kiam and buy the company, I did just sign on to rebuild their website and work on their social media (consider this my disclosure and statement of complete and utter bias).

There is now a rare Templar in SPR configuration on Gunbroker if you want one of the best precision ARs built.

Bob on Friday:

Massacre in Newtown just the latest result of the culture of “violence for pleasure.”
Written By: Bob – Dec• 14•12

Our popular music is soaked to the brim with misogyny and glorified violence, especially rap and metal. Should it really be any surprise at all that the shooters are in the demographics that listen to this music? . .

We foist our kids off on popular media, filled with violence at every corner and every angle, while falsely telling them how precious each and every little thing they do is, and give them a participation trophy just for showing up. The end result?

A massacre. And Bob’s next bargain, of course, a sweet Bushmaster .223.