You pawn the kids off on Mr. Death

I don’t envy you parents given the questions your kids might have about the Sandy Hook massacre. What would you do? I have no idea, run fast I guess. Why did he do it? He’s crazy I suppose. I know that doesn’t help. I’m not a survivalist, I just don’t think about these things. It hurts to think about it.

Michelle Malkin however thinks about these things. How else to explain all the clever suggestions? The National Review with the goods:

These seven simple commonsense steps are adapted from a post I published on my blog after the horrific Newtown massacre. Our hearts ache, but we are not completely helpless or hopeless in the face of evil and the unknown. And we are not alone. This Christmas, cherish life, keep faith, and practice self empowerment.

Fine by me. Put our heads together and come up with a plan. Michelle takes the lead:

7. Teach our kids about the acts of heroes in times of crisis . .

6. Train our kids. When they see something troublesome or wrong, they should say something . .

5. Limit our kids’ time online and control their exposure to desensitizing cultural influences. Turn off the TV. Get them off the bloody video games . .

4. If you see a parent struggling with an out-of-control child, don’t look the other way . .

Dear, these are not very helpful. I don’t imagine my walking up to a parent and offering to wrestle their kid will be either a welcome or practical act. Oh but wait here comes the top sensible thing:

1. Teach our kids to value and respect life by valuing and respecting them always.

How semi-literate. And hypocritical, remember this?

RIVERSIDE, California (AFP) — A former US Marine was acquitted of manslaughter here Thursday in the shooting deaths of four unarmed Iraqi prisoners during 2004 fighting in Fallujah.

Jose Luis Nazario, 28, was found not guilty of all charges after a landmark trial at the US District Court in Riverside, southeast of Los Angeles . .

Nazario was alleged to have shot dead two of the captives himself before ordering two subordinates to kill the others.

However the prosecution’s case was weakened after the two other Marines implicated in the killings — Jermaine Nelson and Ryan Weemer — refused to testify against Nazario last week and were declared in contempt of court.

Here was Michelle, triumphant:

This won’t be on the front page of the NYTimes.

Justice for former US Marine Jose Luis Nazario.

It was justice when Jose’s subordinates refused to testify how he shot and killed unarmed prisoners. Malkin-justice. Roughly translated: Wear a uniform, kill as you like. Michelle’s respect for life is no match for her sadism. Here’s the unabridged Malkin Number One brilliant suggestion:

1. Teach our kids to value and respect life by valuing and respecting them always. And in loving and valuing life, teach them also not to fear death.

In loving and valuing life teach children to welcome death. Huh?

The Catholic hymn “Be Not Afraid” offers time-tested solace and sage advice:

If you pass through raging waters, in the sea, you shall not drown.

If you walk amidst the burning flames, you shall not be harmed.

If you stand before the pow’r of hell and death is at your side…

You would do this to children? With all these little corpses laying around? Don’t be afraid honey oh yes you certainly will die. Raging floods and burning flames and hunters come with machine guns, fine! Why not! There’s got to be a better time for talk about death. The Sandusky trial no doubt turned the Malkin dinner table into a comedy club with routines on the weakness of the flesh, buttsex with Lot’s pals, etc.


2 thoughts You pawn the kids off on Mr. Death

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Jehovah works in mysterious ways; it is a human limitation, not a divine one, that makes it difficult for us to simultaneously believe two or more incompatible or mutually exclusive descriptions of the same situation, a la Rashomon. For example, take Jehovah’s “love child” Jesus. Though Jesus would perhaps be considered the illegitimate Son of God by legal standards, we are led to believe that Jehovah truly loved His offspring. Yet Jehovah engineered a painful, horrible death for His son, apparently for the sake of the plot of the New Testament, which would have probably never been a best-seller if Jesus had simply lived to a ripe old age, with sufficient time to take at least some of his disciples through the full process of spiritual awakening, rather than leaving them all outside that door at the time of his premature Crucifiction [sic]. One could argue that Jehovah thereby set back rather than advanced the cause of human spirituality, for the sake of sales of His Good Book. Just so, Michelle Malkin, provides contradictory, simultaneously self-defeating and self-promoting advice. Could it be that she is more interested in selling web page hits and clicks rather than offering actual useful or consistent advice? If confronted on this point, she could point to Jehovah’s behavior as her inspiration, leaving me, for one, at a loss for a viable counterargument. WTFWJD?

  2. avatar toma says:

    Is not our epic Earthly existence a case of What The Fuck Would Jesus Do? I think so. And we have the answer because He perfectly Did. He’d compel his enemies to dispatch him and leave the rest of us utterly lost. He’s the greatest cosmic joker a galaxy ever wanted.

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