Pack of Althouses baying at Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords appeared today before Senators at a hearing on gun violence and asked them to “Be bold. Be courageous. Americans are counting on you.” The topic, the person, the slurring — these approached being too much for Ann Althouse and her backwater blog people to stand.

“Speaking is difficult, but I need to say something important.”
Posted by Ann Althouse at 11:13 AM

. . Gabrielle Giffords speaks very slowly and very briefly to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

ADDED: Is she a witness or an exhibit?

[POLL] What is dehumanizing? . .

Timely question. When the notes Giffords used for her surprise address were released to the public, that was further provocation. But when it became known the notes weren’t even written by the brain-damaged and partially paralyzed former congresswoman, that’s when all blog-hell finally broke loose. Ann started a second thread and jumped in on the comments:

Ann Althouse said…

A photograph of the notes was used as propaganda.

Also, we don’t know that those were her words. Is she a puppet or isn’t she? We don’t know, and for a while the idea of her laboriously writing out that simple message was used to tug heartstrings.

That matters.

It shouldn’t have been done.

Revenant said…

. . Her contribution to the national “debate” consisted of this:

“Violence is a big problem. Too many children are dying. Too many children. We must do something. It will be hard, but the time is now. You must act.”

I’m sorry, but the person who wrote that drivel is not in full possession of her wits. Shame on her husband for dragging her in front of the cameras like that.

From Inwood said…

. . The people who slobber & say that we must listen to her in this case would not take her order in a store or resturant or buy property from her without getting a confirmation from her guardian, caretaker, whatever. Unless they were in on the manipulation, that is.

Shame on them.

Coketown said…

Has anyone thought to start a talent agency specializing in retarded people and victims with sob stories? You could set up shop across from DNC headquarters and make mmmmillions!! You know, gunshot victims, girls who can’t manage getting a photo ID to vote, anchor babies whose parents were deported. Reason has played far too big a role in pushing legislation. Lets go for the heart strings.

Mark said…

A crazy person put a bullet in her head. There’s a slew of Democrats in line to put their hand up her ass to make her lips move.

Cedarford said…

. . It is good that this liberal and progressive jewish formulated media construct of victims, moral authority, special wisdom from victimhood and emotional blackmail against any that criticize the Puppetteers manipulating the Cindy Sheehans and Gabbys – arrived fairly recently.

Mark said…

Hey, if we wanted to know if Gabby was there, just disabled in her ability to express herself, there’s always the Christopher Pike solution. Give her a buzzer, one buzz for yes, two for no, and start by asking her questions like “was your mother’s maiden name Sullivan?” or “Is the current President’s name Bush?” After ten or so questions we’d know if the person sitting there was capable of real-time coherence.

Right is right! said…

Gifford is a dumb stupid bitch. Fuck her and her weenie husband.

Achilles said…

So none of the leftists are disgusted by people taking advantage of a victim to take away rights from law abiding citizens? This is really a have you no shame moment. Why can’t you win based on the strength of your arguments rather than resorting to sock puppetry?

And who just created a false flag poster named Right is right? To comment on this story in that fashion? Irony!

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