Arizonans seek to stop the government from murdering guns

We have come to the rational end of the road. You thought gun nuts were a fetishist and apparently brain-damaged bunch. And you were right. Because it’s impossible to have a discussion with anyone who swears the Second Amendment shields the Bill of Rights. You can’t reason with someone who literally can’t go on without his Glock. But this? You won’t believe this.

An Arizona group say they are upset with what they claim is deadly government overreach. So they are demanding that lawmakers prevent the state from slaughtering any more poor defenseless firearms.

A gun-rights group is pressing the Legislature to block municipalities from destroying guns voluntarily turned in to police departments.

The Arizona Citizens Defense League requested a change in the law adding guns “surrendered” willfully by the owner to the list of firearms police departments must recirculate back into the market . .

“It’s already in the law. The problem is they’re misconstruing the law. So we’re changing the words so their perfidy is made very clear,” [Communications Director Charles] Heller said.

Government perfidy. State-sponsored treason and treachery. The killing of innocents. The shocking crimes have forced the ACDL and the NRA to leap to the defense of weapons. Really, it’s not like a poor M-16 can defend itself.

“We’d love to see anybody that destroys a gun at the city get arrested, but we don’t think that would pass the Legislature,” Heller said. “It’d be nice if it did.”

And isn’t it about time somebody went after the bastards? You bet.

Well, okay, the government is vested with substantial power. It is legally tasked with the killing of human beings, like death row inmates, and the euthanasia of thousands of cats and dogs abandoned every year by its citizens. The gun nuts would be the first people to tell you they’re good with that. But since when does the state think it can murder a handgun?

“. . the purpose of government as defined by Arizona’s Constitution is to protect people’s rights, not destroy firearms.”

“It’s not the purpose of government,” he said. “It’s an abuse of the intent of government and it’s an abuse of power.”


2 thoughts Arizonans seek to stop the government from murdering guns

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    These dipshits haven’t quite caught on that the NRA is a lobbying organization for the sake of gun manufacturers, not for guns per se. They need to get with the program. Aftermarket sales or other forms of acquisition of guns takes money out of the pockets of gun manufacturers, so the Arizona gun preservation program will probably go away quietly. Wouldn’t surprise me if the NRA was behind promoting the destruction of surrendered guns in the first place. The Soviet Commies articulated the concept of “useful idiots”, applied to dimwits who actually buy into the party line as if it wasn’t a scam for a Greater Purpose. In this case, the proponents of Save the Guns are useless idiots, undermining the intended scheme of those from whom they think they are taking the lead.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Tell it. LaPierre is a millionaire shill. America, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution he neither knows nor cares about. They’re only props in an ongoing advertisement for his corporate scam.

    The sad part of this is all the people who are getting slaughtered as a byproduct of the gun drug binge, ongoing now for more than a century. We’ve got something like 150 million more firearms than any other country and the fact displays prominently, in ERs and graveyards.

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