If anything, it’s the Boy Scouts who are depraved

Matt Barber is one nasty piece of work. A cultural warrior from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University law school, he sees his particular battle as homosexuality. Lately, in the war, he’s been employing a new tactic. Anything that’s pro-gay, he calls it “Sandusky,” as in the child rapist serving 30 to 60 years in Greene State prison. It’s Barber’s way of claiming that homosexuals and molesters are the same.

For example, in a December piece on the banning of homosexual conversion therapy (‘pray the gay away’), he called such legal injunctions “Sandusky laws.” Because they protect the future Jerry Sanduskys of the world, see? Barber is a man without a conscience.

In coming days the Boy Scouts of America will decide whether to violate – eliminate, really – its own mission statement, oath and law by changing its policy to allow, within its ranks, Scouts and Scoutmasters who are open practitioners of the homosexual lifestyle . .

Still, under immense socio-political – indeed spiritual pressure, the Boy Scouts appear poised to play a very dangerous, self-deluded game of “the Scoutmaster wears no clothes.” They’re flirting with the queer idea of an about turn – of betraying both absolute truth and the very boys they serve.

Did any of you catch that foreshadowing?

But it’s much worse than all that. We mustn’t ignore the pink elephant in the room; the Penn State factor. Should the BSA cave beneath the weight of sexual anarchist intimidation, Scoutmaster Sandusky joins the jamboree.

Jerry could never have joined the Scouts otherwise? Please. You see how Barber is no tactical genius, obviously. We already know how the Boy Scouts would have welcomed Jerry Sandusky with open arms given their real-life “Sanduskys,” and I mean actual child molesters. Scout pedophiles were rarely ejected from or exposed within the organization, though there were thousands. And when their crimes were finally made public, the Boy Scouts reacted more with vengeance than compassion:

In 2002, Jerrold Schwartz, a 42-year-old former scoutmaster in New York, admitted abusing a boy in his troop in the 1990s. After being secretly recorded saying he “did something very, very wrong” and apologizing to the boy, Schwartz pleaded guilty to four counts of sodomy and was sent to prison.

Despite the conviction and the victim’s testimony that Schwartz “raped me and forced me to perform oral sex on him,” the Scouts, in a motion to dismiss a subsequent lawsuit, contended that the sex was consensual, records show.

“To argue that an adult scoutmaster in his 30s can have consensual sex with a 13-year-old in his Scout troop is something dreamt up in pedophile heaven,” attorney Michael Dowd told the New York Law Journal in 2006 after a judge rejected the Scouts’ motion.

This has been a BSA tactic. They merely say they had no idea how dangerously “gay” the Scoutmaster was. Which makes for a convenient reason to be angry with his 13 year-old boyfriend, too.

It’s the same with Barber, et. al. The Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, they only are ideals and Godly and to be shielded at all costs. But once they’re exposed for being secured dens of depravity and child rape, the Sandusky gays get all the blame. Because these organizations couldn’t be more simply wholesome, patriotic and pure. It’s the liberal culture to blame, never the institution. Ad absurdum:

For example, a New York scoutmaster was accused by a former scout of sexually assaulting him dozens of times in different locations, including campouts and overnight trips. The allegations were made in a $50 million lawsuit against the scoutmaster, Jerrold Schwartz, who led Troop 666 at the prestigious St. Bartholomew’s Church. The investigation produced four tape recordings in which Schwartz admitted sexual contact with the Boy Scout. The sexual assaults occurred in Manhattan and on trips to Philadelphia, Washington and Vermont. Schwartz even attacked the boy on the night before Schwartz’s 1997 wedding. The best cover for a gay predator is a bogus marriage, which makes his straight wife yet another victim of gay duplicity.

So amazing the lengths a homosexual will go to. Jerry Sandusky married his wife Dottie back in 1966. They adopted 6 children. Sandusky later molested his son, Matt. And this is why gay teens don’t belong in the Boy Scouts.


4 thoughts If anything, it’s the Boy Scouts who are depraved

  1. avatar tomshefchik says:

    Matt Barber said: “…under immense socio-political – indeed spiritual pressure, the Boy Scouts appear poised….”

    They’re under spiritual pressure? Are ghosts haunting them? Are angels tapping them on the shoulder? What an ignoramus.

    And you’re right on the issues. Those a-holes want pedos to stay in the closet. That’s OK. They won’t be shunned. But wonderful gays who are open and honest, sorry, you should have kept up the illusion. No honesty allowed.

  2. avatar toma says:

    They’re under spiritual pressure? Are ghosts haunting them?

    The Norman Rockwell painting of the seamless Boy Scout is what haunts them. He never existed, and they can’t get over that.

  3. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Spiritual pressure indeed. Look at this, from a quoted passage above: Jerrold Schwartz, who led Troop 666 at the prestigious St. Bartholomew’s Church. 666. I knew that the St. Bartholomew crew was dabbling in the dark arts, in line with their cheeky choice of a number for their scout troupe/troop. The spiritual pressure upon the Boy Scouts may not be from above…

  4. avatar toma says:

    . . I gather. Which reminds me of a story about the happy time when The Gipper left the presidency in ’89 to retire to a mansion in Bel Air, a few miles from here. But the street address ended up being 666. So he petitioned L.A. to change it, and they obliged. Not that he didn’t continue to hold Satan dear in his heart . .

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