Be all that you can Febreze

Can we agree? The housewife who pulls an AR-15 from her dirty laundry hamper to Swiss-cheese “three, four, five violent attackers, intruders in her home with her children screaming in the background” could not be sexier. Talk about yer red hot right-wing mama. Like a bare-ass shivering Marilyn Monroe wearing Ronald Reagan’s hair. On her head, you goons.

Alternatively: How about a woman dressed in fatigues, trained for battle, ready to fight? With Uncle Sam’s M-16 slung across her shoulder? Why you bastards.

The sidespinning continues. In the wingnut stewing over SecDef Panetta’s decision to allow women in combat, this latest argument I fully expected at some point to hear. I just didn’t expect it to come from a woman. Here at first is the American Thinker’s Marion Dreyfus, cerca paragraph number three:

Since time began, women aspiring to “male” jobs and occupations have been derided and disrespected as a consequence of their menstrual periodicity. Everything suspect, from womb-connected “hysteria” to lack of judgment and inferior cognition was assigned to the female, and used as a club to deny women representation in education, careers, the opportunity rung on the rigorous escalator of achievement.

Okay. Then here she is about 25 grafs later:

Women experiencing their menses may be sussed out by sensitive dogs and/or detection devices, and staked positions in camo may be disclosed.

Seem unlikely? It is not. Hunters refrain from aftershave and perfumed soaps when on the hunt, as do professional anglers: Animals and even fish can detect an infinitesimal taint of sweat, scent, cosmetics and ointments in hunters and fishermen.

Marion might want to choose a side in the War On Periods. I expect Bryan Fischer tomorrow to quote her extensively seeing as how she’s a terrific expert.

For the sake of argument, anyhoo, let’s just assume the photos of the Afghan war are accurate. If Fido-al-Waziri out on patrol with the Taliban can smell anything other than ox dung and Chinese smokes, I’ll be surprised.


2 thoughts Be all that you can Febreze

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Once again, they don’t take their own arguments to the logical extremes that would flip their position yet again. With women expected in hot zones in war, strategically-placed “unclean” tampons and pads could be used to confuse Fido (or Fidel…) the Afghan crotch hound, drawing Taliban fighters into ambushes, aided by their slack-jawed freak-out over the objects themselves scattered on the ground.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Afghan Crotch Hound, ftw.

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