In lengthy praise of Uncle Tom

When you’re a God-fearing black man you’re allowed to say whatever you like. At furious Christian website Renew America.

The modern day Sambos and Quimbos fall under two categories They are the poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who may have begun on the proper path but have since been co-opted by racist liberal Democrats . .

‘Sambo’ Jackson and ‘Quimbo’ Sharpton.

And you have the just plain stupid Black leaders who have been selectively bred to drink the Kool-Aid with an insatiable thirst, despite the glaring evidence of the devastating toll that liberal policies have wreaked upon Black America . .

President Dumb was selectively bred to destroy his people.

They are the triumph of the changed Southern Democrat strategy adopted after realizing they couldn’t win with fire hoses, attack dogs and the hangman’s noose.

Once the tear-stained Republicans intervened and prevented Al Gore Sr. from lynching all their Negroes, Junior went and sent the suckers to college. It was a masterstroke of political strategy that the race-friendly GOP has yet to recover from. And by the way will a mister Clayton Bigsby please proceed to the courtesy phone?