Thunderbird from Martha’s Vineyard

I think this is a real hoot. Self-snarking funny.

Gilded Class Warriors
Liberal grandees attack the rich while enjoying their lifestyle.
By Victor Davis Hanson | National Review

In his first term, President Obama was criticized for trash-talking the 1-percenters while enjoying the aristocracy of Martha’s Vineyard and the nation’s most exclusive golf courses . .

Before we get too far, let’s just cut to Hanson’s chase. The President is a big fat hypocrite. What’s more Obama’s insincerity has spread throughout the left like a wildfire, exposing the pro-poverty and heroin-chic crowd for the Park Avenue Set they’d rather be. If you think your Chrysler 300 will score a curbside spot at Le Bernardin, think again. You all should know Stuart Weitzman does not make a rope-sole sandal. (These last bits I added after peeking at what Victor’s obviously thinking.)

The message here is ‘You clearly want to be us. So quit playing games.’

And that’s what’s funny. Because Victor is very clearly confused. It’s bad enough that a President talks about the rich again and again without ever once kissing their asses. That alone whets his suspicion. But added to that, Obama speaks of the wealthy as if they were lucky? Or wielding of power? Or imbued with societal responsibilities? These things are simply not done. There is but one truth to be discussed publicly of fat cats and it is this: Me Too Please!

Obama knows this and what a liar:

Obama never quite squared his accusations that “millionaires and billionaires” had not paid their fair share with his own obvious enjoyment of the perks of “corporate jet owners,” “fat cat bankers,” and Las Vegas junketeers.

A devastating indictment, don’t you think? Obama never squared his mentioning that the rich pay low taxes with his own eating well and flying comfortably. This class of hypocrisy would kill a decent man.

Of course Obama is rich, tells everybody he’s rich, pays low taxes, and tells everybody he pays low taxes. Because it’s true. And now he’d like to pay more taxes, and he wants his fellow lucky ducks to do the same. This is an obvious deceit, of some Machiavellian stripe. For Hanson’s part, he will toss the government a few extra bucks after Obama goes bankrupt and lives in a cardboard box for the rest of his life. Fair is fair, after all.

Now, that paradox has continued right off the bat in the second term. In the State of the Union, Obama once more went after “the few” and “the wealthiest and the most powerful,” whom he blasted as the “well-off and the well-connected” and the “billionaires with high-powered accountants.”

Let’s get straight to the President’s dishonesty: The rich politician “once more went after” his rich neighbors with insults. “The few.” Which is true. “The wealthiest.” That’s true. “The most powerful.” True. “Well-off.” True. “Well connected.” True. “Billionaires.” True. “With high-powered accountants.” True. The word impeachment fails the development.

Obama frankly described the wealthiest among us in complimentary terms, and Hanson is galled by the attack. If the President had uttered something like “blue-blood,” Victor and his pals would have had to storm an armory to restore the Rockefellers’ reputation. They’re a defenseless bunch and Victor’s nearly a martyr, and whaddyaknow he happens to be landed and wealthy himself.

He also deigns it his responsibility to speak freely of American groups and classes, but he rarely picks nits in the mirror. He draws on a litany (here, here) of foul and derisive stereotypes to describe the poors and the ethnics, but we assume that’s all they really are, right? Certainly. Still, it would be wise of you to refrain from mentioning David Koch is “well connected” lest Victor unload both barrels of his class-warfare gun…

Like clockwork, the president then jetted to West Palm Beach for yet another golfing vacation at one of the nation’s priciest courses . .

…while the President, who’s rich, is rich.


2 thoughts Thunderbird from Martha’s Vineyard

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    But he’s not ONE OF US and he never will be! Although not relevant to Mr. Hanson’s angst, and hardly as earthshaking as today’s news about the dissolution of Holy Matrimony between Josh Brolin and Diane Lane (“no reasons given” and none needed; even Jehovah doesn’t care, as he solved the problem of worldly fickleness by arranging for souls to spend Eternity in Heaven with the person with whom they had their first experience of sexual intercourse, even if both participants were not Virginal on that first occasion. It’s therefore also an Eternal reunion of what the kids these days call “Eskimo brothers” and “Eskimo sisters”), I wanted to share the following, in case members of the studio audience were skeptical about my earlier revelation that sly members of the clergy take advantage of Biblical loopholes to engage in acts Sodomy with each other without risk of being struck down by Jehovah, Old Testament style:

    From The Guardian, reporting on a story in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica:

    A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

    The paper said the pope had taken the decision on 17 December that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called “Vatileaks” affair.

    The newspaper said the cardinals described a number of factions, including one whose members were “united by sexual orientation”. In an apparent quotation from the report, La Repubblica said some Vatican officials had been subject to “external influence” from laymen with whom they had links of a “worldly nature”. The paper said this was a clear reference to blackmail.

    We don’t yet know whether Joey Ratz resigned because of the compromise of Vatican security on his watch, or if he was outed as a participant himself, which would make it awkward to continue to maintain the pretense that Jehovah and the Church actually give a rat’s ass what people do with their privy members and corresponding sockets.

  2. avatar toma says:

    The rumor I’d heard about Joey Ratz was that he couldn’t shake the disgrace of Fr. Marcial Maciel, the morphine addicted child molesting child fathering criminal mastermind behind the Legion of Christ. I suppose there are any number of abominations though that could be linked to the Pope’s abdication, the stealing of 300,000 babies in Spain for just one.

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