Dennis Prager: The conscience of a hector/propagandist

God damn Dennis Prager annoys. You hate Limbaugh, they hate Levin, I hate Prager. He’s more than ever perfectly assured in his intellect which amazes given he’s offered obtusery on everything from torture to footwear. But that’s only the beginning. He’s superior to that — he is better than any intellect. He is that rare thing: A man far beyond being merely ‘good.’ Which puts him in the unique moral position to say whatever he likes and dispense with your argument. You may withdraw from the abortion contretemps as Dennis has spoken. You were wrong. Better luck next time. Try to get your licks in before He shows up and the give-and-take is rendered moot.

This is the bedrock truth wherever Dennis the Meta-Being is concerned, most prominently on his radio show. Callers lavish the host with quaking worship and cosmological regard.

All of this would be remarkable regardless of Dennis’ true nature. But it’s especially impressive because he’s an incorrigible liar. Morality being his obsession, you’d think more people would notice.

Environmentalism and Human Sacrifice
Dennis Prager |

So who would oppose something that could save millions of children’s lives . . ? The answer is people who are more devoted to nature than to human life.

And who might such people be? They are called environmentalists.

Texas and Oklahoma are being rounded into FEMA camps, too. But we can start with the anti-chemical apocalypse if you like.

These are the people who coerced nations worldwide into banning DDT. It is generally estimated this ban has led to the deaths of about 50 million human beings, overwhelmingly African children, from malaria.

General estimates of Ronald Reagan’s I.Q. were around 50 million, but these came in from the people whose job it was to wipe the oatmeal from his mouth.

The equivalent of 1/6th of America died in Africa, suuure, because liberals preferred the bald eagle to children. That’s the lesson of DDT. But before anyone buys into Dennis’ allegations of science genocide, there are some things you should know. DDT decimates raptor species through the thinning of egg shells. That’s why our national symbol would likely have vanished before the year 2000 without some intervention. It’s also extremely stable and accumulates in fat:

People living in areas where DDT is used for IRS [indoor residual spraying] have high levels of the chemical and its breakdown products in their bodies. Compared to contemporaries living where DDT is not used, South Africans living in sprayed homes have levels that are several orders of magnitude greater. Breast milk in regions where DDT is used against malaria greatly exceeds the allowable standards for breast-feeding infants. These levels are associated with neurological abnormalities in babies.

. . In the United States, these chemicals were detected in almost all human blood samples tested by the Centers for Disease Control in 2005, though their levels have sharply declined since most uses were banned in the US.

Though it was banned back in 1972, it’s currently in your blood. Nice, eh?

Wide-spread use of DDT, as for agriculture, also causes mosquito populations to become resistant. So a Prager-whoopee universal spraying campaign would be an absolute disaster. Let’s also remember: Malaria has been such a deadly world concern that DDT has always been employed to battle it [Headline: SIERRA CLUB STILL NOT MASTER OF EARTH]. The World Health Organization condones its judicious use, and our monies are used overseas for IRS programs.

You’d think a person of Dennis’ lofty character would want to know something (anything!) about the downsides of DDT before making demands about its use. But no. And those troubling issues are hardly the only concerns that disappear before his very ethical interests . .

The environmentalist movement’s responsibility for the deaths of tens of millions of poor children in the Third World is the most egregious example. But there are less egregious examples of the movement’s lack of concern for people.

. . The [Keystone XL] pipeline will be able to transport about 830,000 barrels of oil per day to Gulf Coast and Midwest refineries, reducing American dependence on oil from Venezuela — Iran’s base in the Western Hemisphere — and the Middle East by up to 40 percent. It will also provide Americans with many thousands of well-paying jobs.

Approving this pipeline is a moral and economic necessity.

There’s Dennis old pal, ‘moral’, again. But what sort of virtuous man lies to people? The real purpose of the pipeline is to get oil to the gulf, where Canada can sell it on the international market:

The fact that Canada has excess pipeline capacity is well known. In a Department of Energy report evaluating Keystone XL’s impacts on U.S. energy supply over the next twenty years, the agency found that it will take decades for Canada to produce enough oil to fill existing pipelines. On page 90, the report concludes that the United States will import the same amount of crude from Canada through 2030 whether or not Keystone XL is built.

From Canada’s perspective, the problem with existing pipelines is they all end in the U.S. Midwest and only allow one buyer – the United States. As Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver recently said, “we export 97 percent of our energy to the U.S. and we would like to diversify that.”

Those wishes and Keystone connect nicely here:

. . Earlier this month, Representative Edward Markey asked TransCanada’s President Alex Pourbaix to support a condition that would require the oil on Keystone XL to be used in the United States. Mr. Pourbaix refused, saying that a requirement to keep oil on Keystone XL in the United States would cause refineries to back out of their contracts.

When America wants the oil for itself, the pipeline project collapses. This is universally known. You get the sense that Dennis likes to forward these ‘moral’ arguments because he’s, you know, only bullshitting.


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  1. avatar SAm says:

    Re: Keystone

    “Some People” wonder why they don’t just refine their crap in Canada or the Northeast? It’s not like anybody’s using the Poconos anymore. In other (select) contexts, it is supposed to be our lack of refining capacity (Darn that EPA) that is preventing the US from becoming a free-market utopia, sort of like a coast to coast Galt’s Gulch.

    What’s so awesome about the “gulf states” that we need to transport this already tedious extract to them? Nothing, that’s why. Louisiana and Texas mean about as much to the energy owners as Bhopal, and the impoverished gulf states are being told they want the job.

    But ironically, Prager has gotten me thinking — about a collaboration with roofa to build a robo-Republican pundit. If ever an application screamed “artificial intelligence,” this is it.

  2. avatar toma says:

    That first bit, I picked up a little info on reading up for this post. The East Coast refineries are all maxed, so that’s out. But Texas and the gulf coast have refining capacity available, so ‘ding.’ Plus they have free-trade zones, meaning Canada can export out of there and pay little or no taxes to the United States. ‘Ding-ding.’ Everywhere you look, America gets screwed on this big time.

    The robo-Prager is a great idea, btw. An old chip from a 286 and a rotary dial phone can probably manage to tell whoever picks up the line they’re immoral until they agree with you. No thinking involved in that argument. And by the looks of America’s ever-expanding TV preacher and Judge Montel viewership, it works fairly well.

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