They dragged him to death

How shocking it is to learn that South African police are stupid, cruel and violent. I figured their behavior for civil and serene, even after you whap one in the head and take his gun. We learned today that taxi drivers are not allowed to do that, incidentally. It’s a no-no in Johannesburg where the cops, despite the cries of a crowd, choose to dispense instant and Medieval justice:

Video recorded by a witness and posted on Facebook by South Africa’s Daily Sun newspaper showed police officers chaining the man to the open back of a police van that came to the scene later and, over the loud objections of a horrified crowd, driving off, dragging the man along the road.

About two hours after the arrest, the review board said the taxi driver was found dead at the police station where he had been driven. At a post-mortem on Wednesday, “the cause of death was found to be head injuries with internal bleeding.”

In some sort of better future, after our animal rage dissipates to motes and flecks, society will run every police cadet through a zillion psychological exams. And 98% of our current crop of peace officers will have to find something better to do.