Jim Hoft’s post de-bunking racism flooded with racism

The Dumbest Man on the Internet fights back against charges of right-wing bigotry. Just because CPAC featured segregationist Scott Terry doesn’t mean Racism! Liars!

BUSTED: Supposed ‘Racist Event’ at CPAC 2013 a Big Media Lie – Here’s the Truth

I spoke with K. Carl and his brother Karnie this morning at the Tea Party Patriot Live booth in the main hall. K. Carl Smith said how he [sic] was so impressed with the CPAC audience who immediately came to his [sic] young man [sic] defense during thee [sic] breakout session. His brother Karnie also shared this, [sic]

“At the book signing after the session Scott Terry shared with me that he supported a type of Booker T. Washington Republican. We shared with him that Booker T was greatly influenced by Frederick Douglas. . . then he bought our book and I shook his hand and said thank you. So he left informed and inspired.”

They were all later spied spooning outside Sushi Roku. No racism! Liberal calumny, that’s what it was. Take that! We now open the discussion to our readers.


Mercutio Lives • 9 hours ago


The average black Sub-Saharian African IQ is about 70 and the average brown “hispanic” IQ is about 80. In comparison, the average White European IQ is about 100. And anyone who’s read “The Bell Curve” knows that there’s a very strong correlation between race, IQ and general quality of life statistics.

From a purely scientific point of view, how does it make sense to flood high IQ White societies with low IQ brown people? So much so that White babies are now racial minorities in America, Whites of all ages are estimated to become racial minorities in about 20 years and brown “hispanics” are estimated to become the new racial majority by about 2050.

Wake up. This bipartisan supported demographic ethnic cleansing of Whites will not only completely destroy the Republican Party but also completely destroy Western (White) civilization this century. Stop being spineless politically correct cowards that are too afraid of being called racists to stop the libtard schemes of mass importing generations of low IQ left-wing voters in order to stay in perpetual power and spread global socialism.

Jeffery • 8 hours ago

Great parody of a racist conservative! This is exactly how many progressives believe far right conservatives think . .

Mercutio Lives • 7 hours ago

I’m actually a former militant hardcore Leftist “racial justice” activist that gradually became totally disillusioned with the Left a few years ago.

A couple Northeast Asian countries do indeed have slightly higher average IQs than White European countries. White Europeans and Northeast Asians are the only two racial groups to have average IQs over 100 and that’s why they’re the only two racial groups really capable of organically founding, developing and maintaining advanced, prosperous and safe societies.

So, if we’re going to allow immigration to America, it should primarily be Whites and Northeast Asians with high IQs, spotless criminal backgrounds and advanced college degrees. And if they go on welfare or commit a violent crime within 10 years, they should be deported back to their native countries.

But even though Northeast Asians have IQs close to Whites, I still don’t support allowing them to mass immigrate to White countries since I want to preserve our racial majority.

And before you denounce these policies, keep in mind that Japan and South Korea already implement similar policies. If they can do it, why can’t we?

As to the study which showed that people with “conservative”, religious and racist views tend to have slightly lower IQs than “tolerant” “liberals” and atheists; I’d have to look at the demographic data to come to an objective conclusion. But regardless, even if racists did indeed have slightly lower IQs than “anti-racists”, that still doesn’t debunk peer reviewed scientific facts that bolster racist views – like the widely observed racial IQ gaps making it idiotic to allow low IQ races to mass immigrate to your society.

I support creating a White Nationalist state where non-Whites are denied citizenship. Or at the very least non-White immigration is severely restricted. And before you reject such policies, what’s the alternative? To allow the demographic genocide against Whites to continue?

Jeffery • 7 hours ago

Since Asians are proven to be smarter than white Americans shouldn’t they naturally assume world leadership? . .

No, I think you hate non-whites and are trying to justify your racism with a pseudointellectual argument.

James Vawter • 6 hours ago

calling facts racist, is ignorant

Patty • 7 hours ago

SOUNDS like some unwanted guests, yet in this case possible set right. Race, Slavery, things along those lines can be a HOT button. Most certainly. But with education and truth in research there is the CLARITY. And if those who wish to continue to slander or hate, so be it. You cannot change a Zebra’s stripes. You can just try your very best to do what is right and what more is there in the big picture.

tommy mc donnell • a few seconds ago

gee jeffy do you have the same problem with black supremacy. you don’t have any problem with liberal america’s racist oppression of white people to get the non-white vote.

Van Grungy • 7 hours ago

slaves in America could have been instead shipped east to muslim nations where all the males are castrated before arrival killing 80% of the males, and the females are sent to hard toil and random rapes and torture.

I feel so sorry for the blacks that were captured in Africa by Arabs and African rulers and shipped out as property.

The luckiest 5% of of the total of just the Atlantic slave trade (not the larger Arabian trade) ended up in North America.

I say lucky because food, shelter and the ability to continue to have children and raise families is an anomaly in the history of world slavery while it was legal in America.

Black Slaves in America had it better than the 1.5 million whites slaved by the Barbary muslims in north Africa.