Security cop mishandles gun, shoots student at Aurora high school

Rangeview High School in Aurora, Colorado:

About an hour after school let out for the day, the student was getting a ride home from a school employee who also works a second job as an armed security officer, according to police. The employee was trying to put his gun into the glove box of the car when the weapon fired, hitting the student in the leg.

The man drove the student to a nearby hospital, arriving around 4:30 p.m., police said. The student was rushed into surgery with what police described as a “significant injury” to his leg.

Consider this: Though only about 35-40% of America own guns, we have almost as many guns as people. Almost 300 million firearms.

If we can’t cut down on this menace to civilization, can’t we cut down on the negligence? Can’t we foster some responsibility?

Because this is endemic violence by another name. It’s murder by stupid. And this needs to be stopped. This has to be punished. Your weapon misfires in public by any means, you go to prison. For 6 months. If it misfires within 100 yards of children, 12 months in lockup. If it misfires and hits someone, 5 years in jail. I’ll be much more tolerant of the N.R.A. after the penitentiaries start loading up with their yahoos.

It’s about time we figured out whether the Good Guys With Guns are really all that good. The word also means “adept.” You carry a killing machine into the public realm, the law puts you on the hook. It’s only right.


2 thoughts Security cop mishandles gun, shoots student at Aurora high school

  1. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    Guns don’t misfire and there are no “Accidental” Discharges. Everyone who mishandles a firearm and lets loose a round should be charged with attempted murder or negligent homicide.

    and this is where the Gun Nut talking points come in. One of the main reasons crimes and gun crimes are “Down” is because of Courts, State’s Attorney’s Offices, Sheriffs and Police Departments not wanting icky crime stats to show on their village website, or county crime stats, or conviction ratios.

    So a massive number of gun crimes are underreported or categorized as something else.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Like you, all the veterans I talk to say the same thing: If you can’t handle your weapon, you should be charged with a crime. It’s critically necessary for law enforcement to begin to come down on these idiots like a bag of hammers, hitting them with every violation in the book. When the NRA monkeys start doing hard time for accidentally shooting their sons and daughters, their buddies will realize that responsible gun ownership is no longer a cliche, it’s a serious burden.

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