A List Of Simple Things To Believe

What is true? What do I know? Hmm. Well I know a little sports because I played them. Basketball, baseball, soccer. I know some music because I played guitar and drums. Did a little songwriting. I know a little molecular biology because I worked as a research scientist for 10 years. John Hawkins knows a few things as well. Unfortunately sane people don’t mention them much, so for us he composed a list:

20 Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About in America Anymore
John Hawkins | Jun 08, 2013 | Townhall.com

1.) People who want to change sexes should be treated by a psychologist, not deformed through surgery, given hormone treatments, and falsely told that they can change sexes.

This is something John happens to know. People who are trapped in their bodies need to be medicated, patronized and denied. If they talk about Chaz Bono or Renee Richards, you say: “They are fake. You don’t want to be fake.” Nobody should live a lie. Nobody should be allowed. A woman must be born a woman always. Deception needs to be exposed in America, especially when it’s someone’s body.

3.) Most black Americans are good and decent people, but percentage wise there are more black Americans in jail because percentage wise, black Americans commit a lot more crimes than white Americans.

John knows Negro too. Though crime is bad, black people like it. They enjoy being bad. That’s why we put them in jail. It’s a good thing we put them in jail, then they know that they’re bad. Frankly it’s been a long time we’ve been putting them in jail, they should have come to their senses by now. Nobody said that Negroes were smart.

6.) Illegal aliens are foreigners who knowingly broke the law to come here and Americans owe them even less than we owe other foreigners living in China, Sweden, or El Salvador because at least those people didn’t break our laws.

You made breakfast this morning. But did you give it to Sweden? No. You got a paycheck this Friday? Did you give it to China? No, even though Chinese are better than Mexicans. The yellow ang-ang don’t want to live next to you and don’t want your TV. They made your TV, okay? For that alone they probably deserve a biscuit or something, but I’m not offering one until they specifically ask. What I’m saying is: You should keep your things.

9.) Our soldiers should make every effort to avoid civilian casualties, but when it comes right down to it, the life of an American soldier should be treated as more important than the life of a foreign civilian.

You know how hard it is to avoid shooting Arab women and children? C’mon. Being a soldier is already tough enough, let’s not make it any tougher. Besides, they’re Chinese.

11.) The only practical way to make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is for the Israelis to transfer the Palestinians and take their land.

But we all know about the Palestinians, don’t we? Bitch bitch.

13.) Men are just generally better at some things than women, just as women are just generally better at some things than men are.

Then there are those things that men are worse at then women. But do you ever hear us complaining? No. Get all the pregnant you like, ladies. But when it comes to computers and running things, Jesus Christ.

17.) The Boy Scouts could never survive gay scoutmasters because no parents with a brain in their head are sending their male, teenage boy out in the woods alone with a gay man who may very well be attracted to him, just as the parents of Girl Scouts wouldn’t want to send their teenage daughter out alone in the woods with a straight adult who might secretly be savoring the opportunity to have her alone.

My pants start to shrink when I think about 13 year-old girls. I think gay guys are the same way, probably, with Boy Scouts. I can see it. Start the fire while I sit right here, Timmy. Yes bend right over little man. Oooh yeah, Daddy likes. Starting a handsome fire myself. Wherever there’s smoke, there’s a flame called “Me.”