Manderstanding: Behind The Mansplaining

Why do I bother to explain things to you when you can’t comprehend? I don’t know. That strange bit escapes me. Good thing little else does.

For instance, you ask. How do I know to make a right turn and a right turn and then a left turn to get to some strange place I’ve never been before? Well, I know that I know. I just do. And gawd I know that’s not enough for you. I’m sure you’re going to make a big deal out of it to force me to justify what looks like some misadventure. It’s just right, right, and left. Okay? Sheesh.

But no that won’t be good enough. You want reasons. Arguments. So how about this? Let’s avoid the whining and watch this clip instead. I think this video could clear up a lot of confusion between us.

There’s a certain region in most men’s heads where we just happen to understand things. Okay? It’s just there. As a result, we spend a great deal of our lives stuck in situations trying to convince you of facts we already know (you have no idea). Some of you others are annoyed by this. It’s been derogatorily referred to as ‘Mansplaining.’ As if our grasp of the truth were a conceit. As if it were only a product of gender arrogance.

But I assure you, nothing could be more concrete. We are not the same. Our brains happen to be different from yours. We experience the mysterious process of ‘Comprehension’ very differently, and we manage it at different rates.

Here — watch Maine state Rep. Kenneth Fredette speak to this directly. In the midst of addressing Medicaid expansions, Ken shares what it feels like to undergo ‘Knowledge’ as a man:

Ramifications. Subtleties. Okay? So ‘Mansplaining’ is not talking down, and it’s not disrespect. It’s merely the product of an essential trait: Manderstanding. That’s all. See? Soon enough. Remember to bookmark this post, dear, and share it accordingly.