Adam Kokesh and a twelve gauge equals Rosa Parks

Watch Adam Kokesh:

Now Alex Jones!

Adam Kokesh Has Done It! Iraq Vet Open Carried In DC

Former Iraq veteran Adam Kokesh staged an open carry protest in Washington DC today by loading a 12 gauge shotgun near the White House – committing at least four felonies in the process.

“I committed at least four felonies this morning and got it on video,” Kokesh texted.

The two together!

“I want to draw a comparison with Rosa Parks as you have and I’m greatly honored by that . . so if I may the events that took place this past Independence Day with thousands marching throughout the country were about alot more than the second amendment or the fourth amendment or the NSA or gun rights in general. It was very specifically a call to overthrow the United States federal government. And I think that we’ve come to a point that we can get a critical mass of Americans to realize that we’d be better off without it than with it . .”

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Adam Kokesh and libertarian activists expected to provoke a police response when he posted a video of himself apparently loading a shotgun on Freedom Plaza in violation of D.C. law on the Fourth of July, but it arrived on his doorstep with an overwhelming boom Tuesday night . .

Back to our hero!

“. . and Rosa Parks, when she went to the front of the bus it wasn’t ‘Well I think the government should be able to say who should be able to sit at the front of the bus but it should only be white people and black people screw yellow people and red people and forget about them.’ No it was ‘We are independent human beings and we have inherent rights based on that that are absolutely universal.'”

And of course:

Kokesh’s supporters are urging people call the US Parks Police non-emergency number at (202) 619 7105 to demand Adam’s release “and that charges be placed on the individuals that committed a B&E, vandalism, destruction of property, theft, and kidnapped Adam at our home.”

Because we all remember when Rosa Parks sat quietly at the front of a Montgomery bus with a shotgun to her side and a promise to the media to kill anyone who gets in her way. And when the local Park Service arrested her, she called for the dissolution of the United States which, if I recall, caught the paternal attention of the U.S. Justice Department resulting in a Summer of Love, civil rights, etc.