Having great fun with deceased teens and gay rapists

Rachel Jeantal, witness for the prosecution of George Zimmerman, sat down with Piers Morgan Monday night. She said Trayvon Martin feared that Zimmerman was some sort of sexual predator.

Asked whether there was any doubt in her mind as to whether Martin “absolutely believed” Zimmerman was “pursuing him” that evening in 2012, Jeantel replied in the affirmative. He was “freaked out” about it, she said, especially after she had suggested to the late teenager that Zimmerman “might be a rapist” . .

Jeantel continued: “You have to take it as a parent, when you tell your child, you see a grown person following you, run away, and all that. You going to tell your child stand there? If you tell your child stand there, then you’re going to see your child on the news for missing person.”

To right-wingers this is the perfect storm. Black kids, rapists and fags all rolled up into a single mock-tastic scenario, with the punk getting blown way. The American Thinker:

If George Zimmerman had been black, we would have known nothing about Trayvon Martin’s decision to initiate a surprise attack in the dark, thinking he could easily injure or kill George Zimmerman, whose crime up to that point was being a “creepy-ass cracka” who followed Martin as a potential homosexual predator, as Rachel Jeantel told him just prior to his death. Was Martin’s attack on Zimmerman and anti-gay hate crime?

Wasn’t it then Zimmerman who got profiled? He was your typical pansy, armed only with a Kel-Tec semi-auto and a neighborhood crush. Althouse:

Call out the gay rights activists. In this interpretation, it was a gay-bashing!

Laffs! Beating up a rapist. You’ll make Elton John cry! The Florida Boar:

Rush Limbaugh offered additional commentary in the second hour of his syndicated radio program this afternoon, saying, “I have offered a viewpoint of what Rachel Jeantel said that the left does not want out there.”

This coming from the august National Review.

He added: “. . she did allude to the homosexual aspect of this [during the trial]; but you know, if I really wanted to stir it up, I would make the case that it was Zimmerman’s civil rights that got violated. Here you’ve got Zimmerman, a properly accredited neighborhood-watch captain, or whatever his title was . . . and you’ve got this guy beating up on him because he thinks he’s gay. I mean that sounds like a civil rights violation to me!”

If Trayvon could only come back from the dead as a Pakistani Taliban. They could drone-strike him with a Zimmerman Missile and ha-har! themselves into a massive stroke.