Now’s the time to justify racism for its own sake

It’s surprising that our right-wing friends are still talking about the George Zimmerman verdict. It’s not surprising they’re obsessed with the racial part of the affair.

As far as the Trayvon Martin situation goes, acquittal or no acquittal, the whole event and subsequent trial is a tragedy. And Skittles and iced tea or not, 17-year-old Trayvon should never have been lurking about in a hoodie between buildings on a dark rainy night in a townhouse complex.

Not to derail Jeannieology, but Trayvon was living there at the time. He died about 70 yards from his own back door. The rest of you scolds are as well welcome to infer ‘black’ from ‘lurking’ or your whatever transparent fears from the ambling of a teen.

Hasn’t our race comeuppance become a feel-good story for the conservatives? Yes it has. Or perhaps become a month long come-to-Jesus moment, if only Christ were born Byron De La Beckwith. Since we’re nobody’s buzzkill, we shall deign to call it both. Alan Caruba picks up where Ms. Jeannie spit the bit:

Over at, Jeannie DeAngelis, after the obligatory statement that Trayvon’s death was a tragedy, tore into him and other black youths, saying “Instead of blaming racism for profiling a black kid…how about placing the blame at the feet of all black youth, like Trayvon, whose behavior on other occasions causes suspicion to be focused in the general direction of perfectly innocent black teenage youth?”

You want to blame racism for Trayvon’s death? You should blame that kid for deadly racism. Try wearing a seersucker and walking on the sidewalks next time, son. After that we’ll acknowledge our guilt for the way we’ve treated the good ones.

Across the blogosphere, other white commentators were shedding political correctness to express what, in their view, reflected the largely unexpressed general views of white people in America.

A friend and fellow blogger put it this way:

. . J.D. Longstreet . .

I was walking to my car in the darkened parking lot of one of America’s Big Box stores when I suddenly realized why the jury found George Zimmerman not guilty. Fear.

No. I mean REAL FEAR. The kind of fear ingrained in ones bones.

Scrimshaw? Those limeys were tougher than I thought.

The kind of fear that has been with us so long we no longer know we are even a host for it.

During the days of slavery in America, the slave owners lived with this same fear. Once slavery was rendered illegal in America then the entire country fell victim to the same raw fear . .

You lucky bastard. J.D. waited all his life to spring this on you:

. . the American Civil War proved, if it proved anything at all, is that — you cannot GIVE a people freedom. It has no value as a gift. It is not cherished because it was not earned.

Waited 150 years in fact. Which is why it’s a classic, like the American golliwog.