The heartbreak of ‘Defending While White’

After the George Zimmerman acquittal, there was some question as to what exactly conservatives were going to make of it. Because that’s how the right-wing operates. Even when something is trivial, it certainly doesn’t arrive without a great deal of meaning. This is a psychology born to victims after the fact. If Malik at the 7-11 shortchanges Dennis Prager on his morning coffee, then This Is A Big Deal. Before late lunch we’ll have splashed across the internet one of his Nine Questions For America, a fist-pounder on the United States economy, immigration, ethnic youth, civilized behavior as well as the failings of public education with regards to the workings of the barter system, good government and faithful subtraction.

Armed with that knowledge, and experience, we knew the narrative would run strong and fast, we just didn’t know where. Was Zimmerman’s ‘innocence’ a referendum on aggressive self-defense? Was it an endorsement of the NRA and their concealed-carry tactics? Was it an indictment of the legal system, overrun with political correctness? Yes yes of course. But much more.

In the case of prolific wingnut Selwyn Duke, the conclusions were more tangible. Selwyn worked to make something brand new out of the verdict: a category of victimization. Which is to say now that you’re all familiar with George Zimmerman, you’re also familiar with “Defending While White”.

For instance, you remember that anonymous case where the black guy shot the white kid? Where the shooter got off but nobody seemed to care? Well, now you know why.

It is that he wasn’t guilty of DWW.

Right. Because it meant nothing to liberals. But now imagine the whole thing in reverse, if the shirts had been the skins. There’s no telling where exactly the poor white guy could end up. Only when you consider the misery of George Zimmerman – how the killer became a hero to millions – can you fathom the depth of the unfolding tragedy. And the ache of Defending While White can hardly be salved by the half million dollars or more in internet riches a victim can squeeze from folks who, well, couldn’t be more pleased with the disease. The debilitation of ALS never stopped Stephen Hawking from scoring a buck, right? It probably helped the dumb bastard.

At least since the first high-profile Defending While White case – Bernhard Goetz’s in 1984 – it has been clear that liberals have it exactly backwards (as usual).

It was nothing like a white vigilante shooting four unarmed black teenagers on a subway train. It was that white men are victims, good night. Sta’lluego, pendejo. But then the civil justice system protested, ordering Goetz to pay one of the thugs (the one he paused to shoot twice, the paralyzed one) a $43 million settlement. You can’t account for juries, sheesh, especially colored ones.

But you get the point! A man could be seriously pestered by the tragedy of killing unarmed teens. Beware.

You may be charged with DWW.

Then the media can publish its baby pictures. It can talk about how you murdered a “child” as it murders your reputation and perhaps your chances for a fair trial. It can twist the truth. And it can state idiotic things, such as that your “injuries weren’t life-threatening,” as some said about Zimmerman (wait until you have life-threatening injuries before defending yourself and you may not be able to defend yourself).

Wait too long and the kid will have beaten you so you’ll have a hard time pulling the trigger. Kill him before you’re in real danger and you can swear you were this far from dying. You can even swear it over your cell phone while going home without stopping at the hospital or being put on a ventilator. Because that’s how life-threatening injuries go, when you’re white. Isn’t it something? Not any more, wink.

But let’s not let that distract us from the issue: DWW is a terrible problem. In fact, it’s a global affliction. Why it was only yesterday I was reading about South Africa . .

. . where whites are sometimes imprisoned on trumped-up charges after defending themselves. Moreover, the nation’s ANC-led government started disarming the white population in 2010 and, wrote Frontpage Mag in March:

“Thus, white farm families were forced to relinquish their last line of defense against the tens of thousands of criminal gangs roaming the countryside-armed with AK47s. [sic] and as Genocide Watch noted on its website last July one more step was taken as well. ‘The government has disbanded the commando units of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the farmers’ weapons,” it reported. “Disarmament of a targeted group is one of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings.'”

There’s a caution for our white guys.

Speaking of which, Genocide Watch places the imperiled South African whites at stage six in the genocidal process.

Stage seven is extermination.

Much like what some plan for George Zimmerman, the DWW transgressor with a $10,000 New Black Panther bounty on his head.

George Zimmerman himself came this close to a holocaust.