Clinton Derangement Syndrome: The Relapseding

We’re about two and a half years away from the Iowa Caucus. Which means it’s about time for the Clinton-fixated to wet their eyes and start the hunh-hunh stabbing of their voodoo dolls. It’s been – what – seven hours, and fourteen days? Can you feel the love, tonight? What good is a case of tooth-gnashing psychosis if you can’t wave it around like a stick of dynamite every decade or so?

A new ad released Wednesday by an anti-Hillary Clinton super PAC is hoping to scare people away from supporting the former secretary of state in a potential 2016 presidential run.

The spot, released by the recently formed Stop Hillary PAC, looks like it got some help from a horror movie director. In the ad, a reverberating Clinton voice reads the inaugural oath over haunting sound effects, while scandals and conspiracy theories that have hounded the Clintons over their decades in politics flash across the screen.

The auteurs threw in a shot of Vince Foster’s grave.

And a shot of the whistleblower/stool pigeon, Vince Foster. Deceased.

Which is almost too civilized a thing to talk about.