Why McDonald’s workers have not yet invented The Bomb

Katrina Trinko blogs daily over at National Review’s The Corner. USA Today occasionally tosses her a few Sunday column inches to defend the Masters of the Universe in a non-confrontational way. Can’t we all get along? Can’t you at least get along, with them?

Uncle Sam isn’t your mom: He can’t solve everything.

Yet the fast-food workers’ strike across the country is another example of the mindset that the federal government is the solution: The workers are demanding that federal minimum wage be hiked from $7.25 an hour to $15.

The drones would do better to stop hassling Big Mother and send a pretty please note over to the Drysdale mansion. Surely the boss would consider giving them raises. Just because he laughs routinely at the idea doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Have any of you actually asked? Oh, I see. Then what about this?

Importance of tips

Instead of changing laws, fast-food workers should look to change corporate cultures. One idea would be to pressure fast-food companies to allow tip jars, so that people who wanted to pass on more to the workers had a way to do so. Already, many waiters and food delivery workers rely on tips.

Change the entire fast food industry. Change as well the consumer’s expectation that tips are thank-yous for table service, or the delivery of food to a house. Is that so hard? C’mon! America’s working poor and teens: Where’s your world-beating spirit?