Christian pastor posts video of black kids beating up white teen, commenters explode with racism

Doug Giles is your wingnut heartthrob and evangelical pastor at Clash Church in Miami, Florida. He runs the Clash Daily website and comments (very badly) at and other right-wing outlets. The Trayvon Martin killing and murder trial have gotten under his skin. So Doug has used his blog to attack his perceived enemies and capitalize on the simmering conservative outrage over one of theirs being tried for the murder of an unarmed teen.

In his relentless pursuit of a race apology, or a public flogging, Pastor Doug has recently posted “An Open Letter to White, Black, Brown and Yellow Thugs,” as well as “ATTENTION AL SHARPTON: Black Dude in White Hoodie Viciously Stabs White Teenage Girl.” These missives got people plenty mad. But his latest post is a real hair-tearer:

MY THREE SONS: Three Black Teens Brutally Beat White Teen, No Word from Obama, Sharpton, Jackson
By Clash Daily / 9 August 2013 / 685 Comments

Gulfport, Florida police released video last week of a horrible racial beating on a school bus.

A white student was seen brutally beaten by three older black teens as he stood up to leave the bus.

The black bus driver did nothing to stop the beating.

You know how they are.

The cops said ‘no racism’ was involved in the beating. How they know that is beyond me.

The blacks teens beat this white kid to a pulp because he reported to his school officials that one of the black assailants was dealing weed.

The 13yr. old boy suffered a broken nose, black eyes and a broken arm.

The companion Townhall post was titled “Another Black on White Beat Down: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should.” But Townhall apparently wanted nothing to do with the nasty video, so Doug proudly put it up back at his place, with a snazzy title designed to mock Trayvon Martin’s dad, President Obama. So please everybody go there.

…and everyone did. So the animal racism came spewing forth like fourth-quarter Tostitos puke at a Super Bowl bash. Doug’s friends are really some of the most terrible, awful human beings. It’s a good thing he’s such good buddies with Jesus Christ because he could well end up in an otherwise unpleasant place.

• Walter Shipley

The white kid was racist, you can tell by the color of his skin. The black kids were just defending themselves. If Obummer had three sons, he would look just like these three.

• Gary Arciszewski

Zimmerman did the right thing, too bad he wasn’t driving the bus.

• Allen Gottsch

If that was my kid I’d be hanging a few spooks!! It’s time to go back to the old ways to retrain these IDIOT’S!! So go ahead and call me a racist!! My kid is a thousand times more important than these wastes of flesh, can’t even call them human!! More like the little apes they are!! Back into your trees monkeys!!!

• All American

Blacks in a fight cannot go one on one, I takes a least three of more blacks to whip one white person.

• dashandra monika

das right. cracker was racist. he be not payyen respect to the brothas

• TrueGrit

Dats cause day dont deserve no respect ,days thugs and no laws is for dem.De laws was written for de white folks in town ,no laws is for dem cause day is brown

• Ed

After Obama gets out of office he will be on TV and the show will be called my three ni$$ers

• Ricarrdo estavans

I read the report and saw the video of the attack. I went to the card store to buy a birthday card. A black guy in a wheel chair asked me for spare change. Not more than an hour age. I told him to go fug himself.

• John W.H.

Looks like three more monkeys right out of Ba-rack Whoisinsane Obama’s family tree

• Freedom Fighter

Now there are 3 Niggers that should be beat to death with baseball bats.
George Zimmerman were are you when we need you!

• Duard ThomPaineJr12

Take a look at the video and tell me about racist diarrhea. What color is diarrhea, by the way?

• Yukon36

Go back to school segregation. Keep whites and blacks separated. There will be no need for Jackson, Sharpton or Obama weighing in on beatings or crime.

• Mary

We need to completely segregate and form two countries. One for the liberals, one for the Conservatives. Those minorities that espouse Conservative views are welcome to live on our side so long as they behave. With the Muslims and black violence esculating, it’s going to get like South Africa here where you won’t be able to step out your door without carrying, not knowing if you’ll be jumped, attacked or murdered. This is not the America of my youth. It’s become like the Wild, wild, West here and politician’s best get their heads out of their butts and stop staying silent due to political correction. The black on white crime has gotten out of hand.

• Guest

I have always said that the true solution to the so-called “race problem” in America is a separate state within a state for blacks, kind of like the Indian reservations, which have their own sovereignty. Only then will we truly be able to live in peace.

• Guest

It would be heaven of earth for me to drop the guillotine blade on a n*gger criminal – of ANY age.

Hear that liberals? I’m speaking to you. You publicly decapitate just 3 or 4 schvartze criminals, and you’ll see the crime rate in this country drop DRAMATICALLY.

• mrastoria


• Liberty for All


• George Gilbert

Way back when I rode the Bust to screwell, I KNOW what would’ve happen to those 3 BOOS on MY bus. Wanna Guess ??

• Gandalf The Grey

A race of stinking, feral animals. Their “rents” need beatings too.

• Gandalf The Grey

Ethnic cleansing or removal to Liberia. The ONLY way to true peace. We CAN NOT live together; never have, never will. Lincoln and Madison knew this. You are an ill-informed tool if you think so

• whatitism

A p e s , a n i m a l s , f e r a l d o g s that need to be put down as the sons of osamaobama will claim them to be . M o n g r e l s fed , housed , clothed and coddled by a d e a d government destined to collapse

• Billy joe

but you can’t use the N word it would hurt the 3 beautiful boys feeling…….what a world we live in…….wake up people don’t trust the N people……HE HAW

• panam60

i can’t say this enough. they are sub human! worthless to society! put them all on a slow boat with a fast leak back to africa!!!

• Al Sharpton Sr.

After seeing the brutal beating given the student on the bus, it is much easier to visualize that Zimmerman was in fear for his life. You can see how out of control these black animals are.

If these three were attacking me (a grown man) like that, there is no doubt in my mind I would have no choice but S.T.K.

Blacks are the number one race that mankind can do without.

• Thomas Rawlings


• Carlos

where is Zimmerman when we need him

• Guest

It’s about time these “afraid of ni66ers white kids” started to go on the offensive and start doing to ni66ers what they do to us,a good ni66er beat down or a few good lynchings should take care of this problem,these white kids have been brainwashed into believing that the ni66er is actually a human and as good as we are,we used to have the ni66er under control until these f uckt arded liberals ruined everything.If you’re white and you don’t warn your children what ni66ers are all about,they deserve a beatdown and so do you.

• Guest

Lawdy, lawdy! Deyze be lookin’ jes like Prez-Det ‘Bama! Deyze mus be hiz chilluns!

• tagdogs

Weren’t these three individuals Obama’s sons?

• mrhappybean

they were just looking for some skittles

• bruce1001f

Monkey, Monkey and Monkey… future inmates.

• VirgoVince

Send pix of the 3 ugly nigga punks to the 3 ugly nigga race-baiter punks and TELL them to punish them accordingly!!!!

• nevadarny

I guess Obama just can’t control his sons.

• Richard Testaccio

You can take the animal out of the jungle. But you can’t take the jungle out of the anima

• DD

I didn’t see any blacks in the video. I saw Niggers.

• Reb Biker

I wish the boy had a gun, so he could have been Zimmerman

• Light_V_Dark

The bus driver was supposidly, the ADULT. But, the poor guy is a Baby Travon Slave, after all··HE MOST LIKELY ENJOYED IT···Blacks CELEBRATED, when OJ was acquitted for murdering a couple of CRACKERS. SATAN IS ORGASMIC, AT THIS POINT IN OUR HISTORY.

• Dominic De Falco

20 years ago, i would have said “disgusting children!” 10 years ago I would have said “Animals, just freaking Animals!” Today I say, “Keep it up ni66ers, the time to turn the tables in rapidly approaching!”

• Nimadan

As for questions of good and evil, full-blood congoids are so primitive,
I don’t know if they’re capable of evil anymore than they are of good. They appear to represent an intermediate-level of evolution between apes and humans.

• Nimadan

Who’s “we”, whiteboi? You’re not going to put anyone, anywhere…

The US economy is in disastrous condition and showing every sign of getting worse, soon. When the dollar dies, the ebt cards are next, & then it’s your turn. The inner-city monsters you grovel to are going to slaughter you and all your liberal friends in an orgy of robbery, rape, and murder. White Nationalists will be the ones in the backgrounds laughing while YOU DIE.

It’s your destiny, liberal: EMBRACE IT. The White Race will be better & stronger without you.

• William Bondie

Bruvahs was jes tryin to move some chronic when da honky done ratted out dey asses

• Allen Gottsch


• richard

And you want me to give up my gun? Three against one that’s called fair in the Negro community that’s why we focus on, “was he racist”?

• Jimbo

Ya this “phony” episode is just “another bump in the road.” or as they
say in Kenya, “Weh weh bado uko mashambani, kumbavo!” Translated:
“Yu is still on the plantation, fool!”

• raccman

This never happened – the NRA just made it up ! Blacks are peaceful folks !

• Gandalf The Grey

Ship em all back to apefrika, then there will be peace. You need a wake up

• sandraleesmith46

BTW “racism” is a disease endemic in ALL human subspecies, not limited to any single one, and may even be directed against others of the SAME subspecies of the human species, as happened visibly and virulently in Asia during WWII, when the Japanese reviled and mistreated the Chinese and Koreans both, for all are of the Mongoloid subspecies of the human race!

• Dominic De Falco

You cowardace a$$ monkey, you call him a pussy when it was 3 on one! The only puusies I saw in the video were the 3 ni66ers beating the kid, the ni66er bus driver and the rest of the pussy ni66ers and whites that did nothing to stop it.

• Truknown

It’s obvious that the three black teens were defending their self. Just like George Zimmerman.

• KittyKittyKit

Ethnics believe whites to be the source of all problems in the world and frankly we’re sick of hearing it. They won’t be happy till we’re all dead and they’ve turned the world back to a jungle, and still they’ll be blaming the whites for their problems.

There are a lot of ethnics that I know and like, BUT, I can tell by the way they vote, they’re not “Americans” at heart. They all want a socialist communist type society, not realizing, that’s what they’re already living in, and they don’t like it.

I’d rather die fighting for the Constitution than spend the rest of my life living with this slime-pot of PC lies.

All those for turning the country back to the constitution, stand over there…………..the rest of you………..over there on the other side.
Okay, ready?………..load’em up……………ready, aim, fire.

Repeat till one side gives up, and the losers shut up and change to the side of the winners……or until one side is “no more”.

You think it’s hell living with us, and we think it’s hell living with you.

I was born LEGALLY in this country. If you want to “become” an American, then get in line at the entry gate, learn the language, be ready to work and support yourself and your family, and be ready to totally abandon your previous countries POLITICAL ideology and fully accept and assimilate under the foundational documents of the United States, and YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME, and we’ll all get along just fine.

All the rest of you…………we wish we had never heard of you and wish you’d take the first boat or plane or train out of the country to one that is set up the way that matches your mindset.