The racism and the three black teens that weren’t

What a terrible thing.

Christopher Lane, 22, was reportedly shot in the back as he jogged down a road in Duncan, Okla., in the middle of the afternoon last Friday. He was a victim of random violence, police say, after three teens — ages 15, 16 and 17 — saw him pass a house they were in. They allegedly got in a car, followed Lane and shot him.

The 17-year-old suspect, who police say confessed to the crime Sunday, said the boys were bored and “they just wanted to see [someone] die, or kill someone,” Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said . .

That’s 16 year-old Chancey Luna on the left, 15 year-old alleged shooter James Edwards, center, and 17 year-old Michael Jones on the right. Luna is black, Edwards is probably too, but Jones is not. I need to point that out because conservatives are sure of one thing: This isn’t random violence. This is racism.

The National Review has got the goods:

Three Black Teens Kill White College Student; Racial Grievance Industry Silent

Somebody is unclear on which qualities – skin color for instance – belong to what race. But they’re somehow sure the victim was white. And really, what else matters? “Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson: call your office.” That’s so the two can thank the victim’s parents for being Caucasian, on behalf of the Review. Bill Buckley’s pimps were not the only race geniuses, Jammie Wearing Fools:

Three Teens Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Murder Australian Man, NRA Gets Blamed

Maybe the President had an affair back in 1995 with a million-candlepower lighthouse. Maybe Johnny Winter has a niece in Chicago who can keep a secret. There has to be an explanation. As with everything else ‘Obama’ it’s all mysterious and entirely likely. But first a complaint:

Update: Some asshole from The Atlantic figured this would be a good time to take potshots at Oklahoma’s Republican senators while not even mentioning the names of the suspects or the racial aspect to the story. Of course!

Jammie was incensed The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons pointed out how Oklahoma favors giving guns rather than jobs to teenagers. I don’t want to be called an asshole too, so I’ll do whatever Jammie wants. Here come the “racial aspects” you were dying to hear about: The kids were black and brown and white. The lack of melanin on the part of some participants shouldn’t spoil a hate crime, right?

Oklahoma: Three Black Teens Murder White Australian Baseball Player Because They Were “Bored”

Weasel Zippers, and dead wrong. Can we get a witness? Somebody who knows something about what actually happened?

Chief Ford said yesterday the attack was not racially motivated.

“It was just three clowns who got together and decided to kill,” he said.

Everybody got that? Three teens of various colors “got together and decided to kill.” Which is not remotely like “Three Mau-Maus adjourned a tribal council and decided to eat a jogger.” Still, The Daily Caller:

Black teens in Oklahoma murder white Australian jogger for sport


Black teens in Oklahoma shoot white man to death ‘for kicks’

World Net Daily:


It’s an Historic Race Crime, I tells ya. I understand Myrlie Evers lives in Oregon, so organizing a proper civil rights march could take at least a week, maybe more. Remember:

…Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said he had secured the confession of Jones who had summoned investigators to his jail cell and claimed they were bored “so they decided to kill somebody”.

Chief Ford said the teens had no motive other than to ”make a name for themselves”.

Which is not had no motive other than to “drive the white man from Duncan, Oklahoma.” Though that is the sort of thing that used to happen in all sorts of places in America. Except that it happened to black people. Judging by the smoldering resentments across the entire right-wing spectrum, we may have mistaken the real victims of the Trayvon Martin shooting – or of at least the controversy.

And now this last bit, a special bonus. After an angry Aussie politician spoke out . .

Australians could help force the United States’ hand on gun control laws by not taking holidays there in response to the tragic death of Australian baseball player Chris Lane, says former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer.

Lane, 22, was shot dead while jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma, on Friday. Fischer, who was a leading force behind John Howard’s renowned gun reforms in 1996, said he was “deeply angry” about the loss of Lane.

“Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,” Fischer said. “This is the bitter harvest and legacy of the policies of the NRA that even blocked background checks for people buying guns at gunshows.”

. . what did conservatives make of his comments? This:

Australians told to boycott US after black teens kill white man ‘for fun’
Biz Pac Review | August 20, 2013 | Janeen Capizola

After three Oklahoma teens senselessly shot and killed rising college baseball star Chris Lane last week simply “just for fun,” Australia’s former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has called for tourists to boycott the U.S.

No sense in letting anything spoil the reverse racism you’ve been rooting for. When the facts refuse to line up you can always just close your eyes.


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