Tucker Carlson’s boy calls Obama a woman. It’s an insult.

Our political betters were beaten last November because white people were so psyched about Mitt Romney that they didn’t vote. After spending so much time waiting with their faces pressed against the polling stations, pounding on the windows, holding their crotches and jumping up and down, they just couldn’t do it. It happens. Look at those Justin Bieber concerts, where the yellow-jackets hurl open the doors and the thruways are all empty. The kids get so wound up that they fall asleep.

Although, there were ancillary groups who backstabbed the election like the browns and the blacks and the poors and the ladies of every glorious condition of pregnancy, before and after. Yes, them. That our country’s precious baby teats didn’t all vote for Romney (Daddy score: five. All boys. I know!) rates a big golly. C’mon. Nobody is fonder of a cell-oven than a Republican. Nobody loves a woman like them. Nobody, ladies, holds you in higher regard.

Barack Obama: the first female president
Mark Judge | Daily Caller | Aug 20 2013

Barack Obama doesn’t have just a streak of the feminine in him; he seems to be a woman, and a feminist one at that, with a streak of man in him.

Which is a good thing. Right?

I first noticed this in watching Obama’s reaction to terrorism. No matter how bland or professorial a man is, there comes a moment when his family or his country is threatened and he shows rage and the desire to kill. You can see it in his eyes — that flare of hatred, the primal urge to eradicate those who would poison your tribe . . An example from popular culture is Star Trek’s James T. Kirk — a man of compassion, selflessness and intelligence, but a fearsome adversary when his crew is attacked.

I see. Whereas a female starship captain, once attacked, takes to fixing Klingon appetizers and shaping her eyebrows. Crocheting a lovely federation surrender banner.

I mean, in the original classic “Die Hard” movie, Bruce Willis doesn’t wipe out the scum and win his girl back by having a beer summit.

A real man would invite the cop and the professor over to the White House then pull out a machine gun. “Beer’s to the good times” he’d say, then fill the place with smoke. But not this guy. No, we’ve got sitting in the sun and guzzling Schlitz which is just what women do. You oughta see the good-time broads that run my corner hardware store. I don’t want to judge anybody, but I doubt that Hillary’s belching will derail Al Qaeda from its appointment with destiny.

On their first date, the [Obamas] saw the violent black rage film “Do the Right Thing” . .

This should be good.

. . so that Michelle could make sure Barack “was down with the struggle.” With her love of violent movies, her fixation on fitness, and death glare that appears when she doesn’t like what she’s hearing, Michelle is actually more man than her husband.

Which is a good thing? I keep on guessing ‘cuz what else can I do.

Oh for the days when president George W. Bush gave his wife Laura a loving but firm pat on the backside in public. The man knew who was boss.

I miss the good ole’ days when the President would step off the podium and whack himself a First Lady Hamhock. *smack.* Heh Pickles. Miss Daddy? That’s when we knew Bin Laden was toast. And that’s when Laura would make Commander Guy a little toast, with homemade huckleberry jam, a side of scrambleds, and some biscuits n’ gravy griddled with the leftovers from the Oathkeepers’ eagle scout jamboree. Darn it, now where did I put the, I mean where is my mind? Really it’s no trouble. Oh, hush.

And as if the mere derision of Mark Judge, master of all things Man and Woman, weren’t enough. He provides proof! He blog-defines the character of actual masculinity. Here now, from the perspective of an employee of Tucker Carlson, the political equivalent of Wally Cox, is how Barack Obama rates on the manly traits. Score yourself at home (kilts allowed if you’re drunk):

Courage. “Now, I don’t wanna get Michelle angry at me…”

Discipline. “We still don’t know what grades Obama got at Columbia.”

Self-reliance. “He may be the only president who has never run a business or been in the military or had a private sector job.”

Honor. “In the Benghazi debacle, President Obama has been AWOL since the night of the attack, when no one knows where he was.”

Industry. “Barack Obama gets compared to Moses when he sinks a basketball shot.”

Proving that he could work harder for compliments.

Resolution. “He is a radical extremist on abortion, the most anti-woman act imaginable, and will not call radical Islam radical Islam.”

Manliness. “I mean, what would Michelle think?”

Michelle thinks: What a mess. How did I ever get stuck in this public nightmare, where neither of us is what we pretend to be? If only there were some way out . .

Bradley Manning Is Not a Woman
Pronouns and delusions do not trump biology.
Kevin D. Williamson | National Review | August 23 2013

Dennis Avner was not a tiger, and Bradley Manning is not a woman.

But no. There’s no way out.