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Trayvon Martin may never go away. He haunts us all. Some of us continue to be bothered by the senseless manner in which he was killed. For some others, they remain troubled because some of us continue to be bothered by the senseless manner in which he was killed. For them, punks like Trayvon are jungle creatures and everything else is meaningless. That was the main point of the murder and it should have been stated categorically from the beginning, a long time ago. Now, because of the controversy, the n*gger monkeys have swung out of control, all the race traitors are going to die, and it serves you right for feeling sorry.

Black Guy Ties Race Bait Industry’s Hands – Cops Forced To Investigate Crime As Hate Because the Perp Yelled “I Hate White People”
iOwnTheWorld | Sept 7 2013

I guess that’s what it takes to get a black person accused of a hate crime (something I think is ridiculous and abhor), they have to yell “I hate white people” while they attempt to kill.

“The New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating a savage attack that took place Wednesday afternoon in Union Square, after witnesses say a man vowed to attack white people before assaulting multiple individuals and leaving one man brain dead.

The black suspect, Lashawn Marten, 31, was playing chess before randomly jumping up and declaring ‘I hate white people,’ according to one witness . .

Marten’s fists then started to fly, allegedly targeting random white individuals as they walked by.”

God damn. How typical of Them.


Why do Black people hate being Black?


If you woke up in the morning and flushed the best part of yourself down the toilet,wouldn’t you hate yourself for being black too?

Good question. Incidentally you should know this is a thing.


When will white people push back?


What you’re missing fubar is the attempt (by the MSM and much of the black community) to claim that white racism is responsible for the ills of the so-called black community, even as whites are attacked on a daily basis for nothing more than being white….

Whites will continue to be killed by blacks for no reason at all, and they have no problem with that….


George Zimmerman chose not to be a sheep and look where that got him. People need to fight back. The problem is the blacks are getting out of control.

Confederate Cash

What rock have you been hiding under? blacks have been targeting whites specifically because they are White for years now, all over the Country. They usually do it in groups and prey on couples or individuals.
The reverse discrimination in this Country is astounding!!
White people had better start calling it what it is, and start fighting back because its obviously not going away on its own.


When they figure out that they’re being attacked and killed by the North American Ground Ape, and stop giving it human rights.
They are feral animals that have been allowed to run free amongst the humans.
Why do you think the slaves were kept chained?
Not to stop them from running away, but to keep the humans safe from them.

Slavery, the ultimate stop-and-frisk. Over at some place run by The Americanist (‘Writings of an unrepentant American Nationalist’), He himself weighs in on the issue of Them:

Every damned time I read this sort of stuff. I reminded of what kind of Country that I really live in. Of course, I too, and my family have been victims of black on white crime. So, it is not a shock to me at all.

What did the blacks do to his family?

This is the grave site of my late Cousin, Michael Landon Hill, who was killed by two black and one Latino Detroit Police Officers in 1994.

They cop-shot his cousin. Of course, They pretended it wasn’t a hate crime.

Rest in Peace Michael, I won’t let your death be in vain. I shall throw this in face of blacks everywhere, every time that they spout that racist bullshit.

Not that he has anything against black people. Because that would be racism, which does not in America exist. By the way, I asked knowingly, did the blacks also do something to him?

I supposedly called this black lesbian woman and I quote, “A Beautiful Black Bitch.”

So the trucking firm that was about to give him his first job in nine years dismissed him from the training program. I wuz robbed. Farewell, Unca Cletus.

I will say this, I have a very different attitude towards blacks than I did, when I left here three weeks ago. I used to try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. My resentment towards blacks after the killing my cousin in 1994 is even more so now.

Don’t assume he was an angry guy before the trucking gig evaporated just because his cousin was legally shot during the first Clinton administration. It’s today that’s, well, gosh now, it’s a disgrace.

At the moment, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do. I do know that I now have a cellphone, that I cannot pay for. My Mother will most likely end up confiscating it, as she was the one who fronted the cash for the thing in the first place.

Might I mention the practical affordability of an Obamaphone?


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  1. Go fuck yourself asshole. You didn’t know my cousin or circumstances around my cousin getting shot.

    So, fuck you and your lame ass blog.

  2. avatar toma says:

    I’m absolutely willing to listen to you spell out the particulars of how the three black policemen, two of whom were black, shot your cousin as a “black on white crime.” Spill your wounded guts on my lameass blog. Otherwise screw you, you dipshit racist slimebucket.

    Also do tell us the time when the negro trucker lesbian Nico set you up by telling management how you called her a “A Beautiful Black Bitch” which, as everybody knows, is not what you really called her. You called her something else, probably something far worse, and you don’t have the balls to admit it because if you did we’d all agree you’re an unemployable animal. Which is a remarkable coincidence as you are eternally a job-free Son Of A Bitch. So, friend, feel free to totter your weepy self back to MOM and please do beg her not to snatch your celly because of the hirsute Arab man-porn hopelessly interred on the video card. Now shoo. Get out, go on.

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