Advice from a popular dumbass

Governor Klondike Parkaderp puts on her cramp-ons and clods her way through the pages of National Review, where the readership revel in her presence. The usual NR dog turd gets a staid dozen or so comments, but Palin’s Freedom-steamer has already amassed 600 700 800 comments. And my marshmallow martians, if ever there were a more volcanic pit of flaming gibberish, then I weep for our cosmic soul.

As Freedom Destroys Itself
Laws can’t protect a society that has lost its way.
By Sarah Palin | National Review

All of us were horrified by the murders at the Washington Navy Yard this week.

Horse puckey. You don’t give a damn and everybody knows it.

Once again, in the aftermath of a shooting, a new installment of the debate about gun laws has broken out. But what we really need is a new discussion about what kind of people we are and what kind of country we want to be.

Obviously you don’t think you’re the problem. You’re trying to make this about us, the gun control advocates who are also, I’m guessing, prone to watch movies or play video games and thereby hatch a mental illness. It’s all that’s left of bullet-ridden America after you exempt conservatism from the controversy.

It’s no secret which side I’m on in any debate involving the Second Amendment…

Remember that epic argument? Over whether to abolish that particular part of the Constitution? And how Sarah weighed in on the ‘pro’ side, and then rallied the cause, and won the day? It’s the only reason why the Second Amendment still exists. That turned out to be a pretty big feather in her cap…

. . (or the whole Constitution, for that matter).

Oh YEAH. She was also for the entire Constitution as well. Golly she sure knows how to pick ’em.

Okay here’s ostensibly the central point of this gutless burp:

A decent and moral society is guided by voluntary self-restraint.

You don’t say! There’s something that never occurred to me. Much as we’d all like to shoot down or rape everyone at our jobs, we really should learn to employ a dollop of restraint. But not the non-self type of restraint, where your girlfriend beats you back with a whip. And not the involuntary kind of self-restraint, where you enter the daycare center with an AK-47 but then suffer a poorly-timed epileptic seizure. Please use instead the kind of restraint where, you know, just whatever don’t. Thanks, dumbass.