Proving forever that white people are stupid

White people think they know everything. It’s annoying.

The politically correct forces of liberalism have found a new target, the Washington Redskins. Never mind that the team nickname has an 80 year history, all knowing white liberals believe that the term Redskins is somehow offensive to Native Americans.

So says Townhall’s chief correspondent for ethnic studies from the non-ethnic point of view, Jeff Crouere. Somehow offensive? Let’s take a look at the Oxford dictionary:


dated offensive

an American Indian.

Classicly offensive. Definitively offensive. Does that count? Then again look at who wrote the dictionary – old Brits. And they’re pretty white, except for the coolie hacks and the lazy islanders, so maybe we’re right back to where we started.

Fortunately, the Redskins team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, is not backing down. He pledges to keep a name that he considers a “badge of honor.”

Daniel Snyder, the jillionaire with a none-too-small penchant for Injun Knowledge. So we all better pay him some attention. Otherwise Big Wampum and his proud Redskins could end up, uhh…

It is the last stand of the Redskins; will they suffer the same fate as George Custer in the Battle of Little Bighorn?

…attacking the encamped Lakota? And getting slaughtered?

Hopefully, in this case, as in the famous battle, the Native Americans will prevail and the proud name will live on, not as a symbol of hate, but as a “badge of honor.”

Wait – the “Native Americans”? So you’re not actually one of them, you’re only speaking for them. You are actually…

. . the whitest little chipmunk in the forest. But you happen to know The Indians Are Really Very Grateful to be called ‘Redskins’ because why? Because you are insulting and you are conservative. Okay there, Running Joke.

How about we turn our attention away from this parody and listen to the words of Kevin Gover, a Pawnee? “This word is mean, rude, impolite and we would like you to stop using it.”

Suzan Shown Harjo, a Cheyenne: “Because the r-word is the most derogatory thing Native Peoples can be called in the English language.”

Vernon Bellecourt, an Ojibwe: “AIM sees the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves, basketball teams, Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Indians baseball teams with their grinning buck-toothed mascot Chief Wahoo as demeaning the beautiful culture of the indigenous nations of the Americas. We are a living people with a vibrant culture and we refuse to have our identity trivialized and degraded. Indians are people, not mascots for America’s fun and games.”

I mean, my god. How dumb could a person be?