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Obamacare + Chris Matthews = Axes of Drivel

fuckin-a smart like as fuck

Over at Dan Abrams’ ATM machine, Mediaite, someone named ‘Noah Rothman’ apparently works as an editor. This shouldn’t surprise me because, when it comes to writing about politics, Noah is a vintage you find only on the rare occasion, in the driest cellars of mighty castles and such.

For years, MSNBC host Chris Matthews has been sitting patiently behind the emergency glass waiting for President Barack Obama to come wildly swinging the ax of panic . .

. . to bug-eyed hack both the TV man-child and the beloved fire-hose to bits. The End. I think ‘twould be better for the axe to be behind the glass. With the other fire fighting equipment, yes?

On Tuesday, the air raid sirens blared and the president came screaming out of the fog begging for aid. Matthews’ interview with the President of the United States will air on Thursday.

The debacle Luftwaffe having attacked the president with some Weather. Causing him to dink the hammer-on-a-chain doohickey upon the glass a’fore the Ax Of Panic, so that he may run and chop the MSNBC freak to death. The metaphorical politics of this here is all very obvious. Expound appropriately as you like, at length, or remind the reader – hell send me a bullet-point e-mail – but I am too smart to even try.

This is just the latest in a recent spate of poorly conceived, ill-timed strategic decisions this White House has made since the end of the government shutdown and the cosmic implosion of the Affordable Care Act. The political identity of Democrats – both in the grassroots and in Congress – is so inexorably tied to the ACA that they cannot abide the level of negative press this law has received continually since mid-October.

OH. Yes, of course. Well I can’t argue per se that anything involving Chris Matthews is a good idea. But I do remember that George Bush and Dick Cheney ran straight to Fox News once (always [dozens of times?]) and that was a wise strategic decision. You know, because it got the Po’ Widdle Guys message (more war, please) right to the masses. Obamacare will benefit millions more Americans than any Iraq War ever did, but it comes with a complexity that “America equals kill” can point and laugh at, all day, so I don’t fault the president for visiting Matthews once every 5 years. Though if you want to say that the healthcare-for-Americans effort is moribund because of such a media spectacle, I can’t stop you. But you’re a silly, silly man.

The party’s left-wing, besieged and disoriented, is dragging the president by the nose into one bad move after the next.

. . now lurching and disoriented, they hold their fingers to his nose while he swings the hatchet of dread, through an air raid by Spinal Tap. “Follow my voice!” he calls to Chris. “Mmmph!” the vitrine’d pheasant replies. Good stuff, huh?



  1. SAm  •  Dec 6, 2013 @3:29 am

    Neglected my civic duty and didn’t watch the big interview. Figured Tweety’s interview would go about like Clint Eastwood’s (if Clint had been on meth) what with Matthew’s love of answering his own questions. Could he really be humble enough to let the Prez speak?

    But I’m still puzzled. Without looking, it sounds like “Mediaite” would be a site concerned about the accuracy, clarity and truth of our alert journo-watchdogs, but .. “cosmic implosion of Obamacare?”

    Seems a tad hyperbolic — and this guy is an editor?

  2. toma  •  Dec 6, 2013 @3:53 am

    Tis’ a puzzler. So I checked, and, yes, the hack is an editor. And who owns Mediaite? The former MSNBC anchor Dan Abrams. Dan is now the sort of even-handed modern internet maven that needs right-wingers to round out his investment portfolio. Decry the circle-jerk as much as you like, but you’re not making squat compared to these pundits/entrepreneurs.

    The lesson here is that you can have decent writing and analysis, which is partisan and reality-flogging, or you can have popular media, which is profitable and productive. Where someone like Chris Matthews falls, on this spectrum, with a bowl of butter pecan gelato in one hand and a Jack Kennedy eight-by-ten in the other, is anybody’s guess.