Assrocket: Leave the billionaires alooone!

. . and fresh Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly reassures your children that Santa Claus (D – Candyland) and Jesus Christ (I – Red Sea Adjacent) are, in fact, white people. So you wonder if anybody in the greater politisphere could be any dumber, and right up then shoots Assrocket’s waving hand:

The Center for American Progress is a left-wing organization that is closely associated with the Obama administration. Its principal product is a web site called Think Progress. Think Progress is part of the internet cesspool that modern liberalism has become . .

CAP says that individuals and foundations account for more than 90% of its funding, and corporations only around 6% . . But what corporations fund Think Progress’s anti-free enterprise propaganda? The full list is here;

[25 or so companies like Bank of America, Microsoft, etc. –ed.]

I doubt that there is any conservative organization that can boast a remotely comparable list of corporate supporters.

Cup your ear and you can just hear Jonah Goldberg – They also smell bad, chief! *FARRT* I mean, golly:

Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern your rights. These so-called “model bills” reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations.

In ALEC’s own words, corporations have “a VOICE and a VOTE” on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in your state.

A list of members of and benefactors to the Conservative Caucus of State Legislators – excuse me, ALEC, look it up droogies – runs to the hundreds. You name the Fortune 500 company, odds are that it’s a supporter; ExxonMobil has given them at least 1.4 million dollars. But ThinkProgress is a pretty dangerous group, too. Hell they have an actual website, chock-full of politics, but though sadly they’ve yet failed to make George Zimmerman’s life any easier.

CAP’s disclosure is a timely reminder that large corporations are not, in general, supporters of free enterprise. Many of them love to partner with government to suppress innovation and competition.

Partner with government, to suppress innovation and competition you said?

Details of Alec’s strategy to block clean energy development at every stage – from the individual rooftop to the White House – are revealed as the group gathers for its policy summit in Washington this week . .

Further details of Alec’s strategy were provided by John Eick, the legislative analyst for Alec’s energy, environment and agriculture program . .

He said Alec wanted to lower the rate electricity companies pay homeowners for direct power generation – and maybe even charge homeowners for feeding power into the grid.

“As it stands now, those direct generation customers are essentially freeriders on the system. They are not paying for the infrastructure they are using. In effect, all the other non direct generation customers are being penalised,” he said.

It’s a free country, chief! *FARRT*

Koch Industries stands alone, as far as I know, as a relatively large company that actually supports free enterprise as a matter of principle. Which is why corporatist America, through disreputable organizations like the Center for American Progress, have waged unremitting warfare against Koch.

Dry your eyes, Assrake. All that Koch-sponsored ALEC legislation, like the free-fire Stand Your Ground laws now in effect in more than half the states, isn’t likely to be repealed overnight. And I do admire your blazing chutzpah, for the whole ‘black is really white’ thing.


2 thoughts Assrocket: Leave the billionaires alooone!

  1. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    Remember toma, Goldberg, Hindraker and other power apologists are paid good money to continue telling the duped conservatives that the chains of wage slavery ALEC and the Koch Brothers are fastening around their neck equal real american freedom.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Was that a full-blown ‘central to my point’? It’s like seeing the Lord God Bird.

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