Lie of the year: Chris Brown punched Susan Boyle’s Swine Flu

It is perhaps interesting. How will people behave once they know that somebody is watching them? Some people can’t take it, as if the eyes of others were grasping hands. Some folks can’t wear bright colors. Other folks are terrified of speaking in public. Your employer tries to put cameras in the workplace, and probably half the building quits. There are plenty of people that just can’t handle the scrutiny. Some folks lose their minds.

obamacare lie 1

“It remains to be seen whether Obama’s plan will actually be able to achieve the cost savings it promises for the health care system. But people who want to keep their current insurance should be able to do that under Obama’s plan. His description of his plan is accurate, and we rate his statement True.”

obamacare lie 2

“Mercer, a private consulting firm, found that in each of the years from 2005 to 2008, roughly a quarter of companies said they made changes to their plans that would result in employees paying a greater share of the cost. In 2009 and 2010, it rose to one-third.”

“The number becomes substantial if you add up the workers who lose coverage entirely; who change jobs (voluntarily or involuntarily); who work for companies that change insurance carriers or adjust plan terms significantly; or whose employer’s insurance carrier is merged or bought out. And knowing that many workers every year are already required to change plans provides a different impression than what Obama is suggesting.”

obamacare lie 3

“Boiling down the complicated health care law to a soundbite proved treacherous, even for its promoter-in-chief. Obama and his team made matters worse, suggesting they had been misunderstood all along. The stunning political uproar led to this: a rare presidential apology.”

“For all of these reasons, PolitiFact has named ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,’ the Lie of the Year for 2013…(PolitiFact first announced its selection on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper.)”

Wouldn’t want to disappoint Jake Tapper, would we? He’s on CNN ferchrissakes. You start a website, you call it “PolitiFact,” and at some point the people who watch OMG INSIDER want to know: “What are you good for?” So then you clench your ass, and you scratch your head, but you also have no choice but to mumble back at them exactly the thing they were begging to hear, the glorious cable dookie whopper of our terrible no-good fractious year deus ex fecalae 2013. Not withstanding that Barack Obama laid this all on us back in 2009. Nice job, guys.