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All appreciate Vox Day. Hail! The great Science Fiction writer and destroyer of atheistic conceits doesn’t mince any of his syllables because fags, lame. On his gnashing blog ‘Vox Popoli’ he grurr – wait Vox Popoli? Popoli, really? Domino’s makes ’em with a popoli crust now, does it? Right let’s see populace, population, vox populi. Ha ha genius words are your best friends. Fine well yes that’s all perfectly settled as it should be, assbrain. Anyway the man is one mondo bigot straight away.

And friends just why do the trolls cram their sizable racism in the pockets of other decent words? What’s the why? ‘Vibrant’ beats the providential crap out of ‘nigger’? I don’t think so. Nigger is a helluva word, don’t you think?

Saturday, December 28, 2013
Enjoy the vibrancy

There have been few recipients of interactive discourse with the vibrant youth more deserving than Mark Andrew, former DFL party leader and Minneapolis mayoral candidate:

‘The runner-up in the Minneapolis mayoral election is recovering after being robbed and brutally beaten Thursday night at the Mall of America. Mark Andrew, 63, was at a Starbucks inside the mall at around 7 p.m. Thursday when a man grabbed his phone off his table and ran off.’

‘When Andrew went after him, he was tackled by two teenage girls – aged 18 and 17 — one of which began beating him with a billy club. During the attack, they told Andrew, “We’re going to kill you,” police say. Andrew was left with a large gash on his head that required nine stitches.’

Owning a phone, being a Democrat and going to Starbucks. Original post title: A Fitting Reward. It’s a pity the loser didn’t develop a cerebral clot then seize for a few hours and die. Did I mention this guy bills himself as, and I’m quoting here, the “Internet Superintelligence”? Hold on fellas it’s time for some Superdiscourse:

In Minnesota, the DFL is the party that loves, loves, loves the vibrants, especially the Somali immigrants, and is constantly advocating for more of them. It’s simply fabulous that one of their leaders should become the beneficiary of the sort of treatment to which they have subjected so many of the people of Minnesota. And the fact that the DFLer was beaten up by female vibrants only makes the story that much more amusing.

Beaten by black women? Black women? This could not be any more entertaining. That fact will not deter Vox from Supertrying:

It appears the Mall of America isn’t the only mall in America that is currently enjoying the manifold benefits of vibrancy. This, too, is an aspect of America’s ongoing societal suicide. You wanted desegregation, you got it, baby. But isn’t it ironic how so many of those who champion desegregation suddenly want to move in with the segregationists as soon as their neighborhood actually desegregates?

Enjoy the vibrancy.

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