Now Phil Robertson on Japanese people: ‘they rob and kidnap and rape and pillage’

The more we find out about Phil Robertson the more familiar he becomes. As more of his pulpit videos are being dug up he’s becoming practically indistinguishable from much of America, sadly. The Duck dynast and reality television star appears to be less a paragon of wholesome Americanism than your typical xenophobic Freeper:

The controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has now taken a step beyond his comments about homosexuality and bestiality, along with his assertion that black people in the Jim Crow South were happier and equating Muslims with Nazis.

Now with yet another video that’s surfaced, we’re once again reminded that this is nothing new for Robertson, who explained to an Arkansas congregation in 2008 what would “do in the Muslims,” as well as “the Chinese,” and that Muslims are “famous for murder.”

Over 3 billion people are evil and should be done-in. You haven’t even cracked the halfway point for Earth, pal.

“That’s why they run jet aircraft into buildings, because they’re under control of the evil one, that’s why they rob and kidnap and rape and pillage, because they’re under control of the evil one. That’s why they murder, from the Nazis, to the Shintoists, to the communists to this latest crop!”

Oh good the entire country of Japan, there’s another 130 million or so satanic characters. Why do we have military bases up and down the Land of the Rising Mephistos again? Why are we over there amongst the thieves, who worship trees? The rapists bowing at the foot of Mount Fuji? The psychos who bathe in sacred mountain streams? Or does the question answer itself?

“Because all of them, those four groups, 80 years of history, they all want to conquer the world, they all rejected Jesus, and they’re all famous for murder. Nazis, Shintoists, communists, and the Muhammadists.”

They’re famous for worshipping sticks and rocks. And then throwing them at Phil’s God.