The great Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger has died. He was 94. Here is the New York Times obit on him, here is the Washington Post’s. Both are worth reading. I can’t add much of anything to either of those looks at the man. Instead I’ll post this clip because it’s a great example of his keen talent and activism.

Plenty of people who saw the performance that night thought it was the beginning of the end of the war in Vietnam. Perhaps the greatest compliment we can pay the man is to acknowledge how he continues to drive the right-wing nuts. Here they are at Althouse:

Pete Seeger – an evangelist for monstrous evil – was human filth. I kind of regret that I’m an atheist, so I can’t fully imagine him burning in hell.

American Thinker:

I grew up in the Hudson Valley and we always considered Seeger a type of pollution. Just because he made some pretty music is not sufficient to counter the harm he did politically and socially.
May he rot in hell with his back broken.

Fixes him for cleaning up the Hudson River. But he hardly needed the environmentalism to drive ’em crazy, he could do that just by picking up an instrument and singing. Like a few other traitors we know.

Writers with commie influences abound here in Austin, Texas. I even number a couple of them as close friends. They are extremely talented musically. They are also Jewish and extremely liberal. I do not discuss politics with one, but the other is someone with whom I have had many deep political discussions. The former is a knee jerk reaction type person and quick to defend the progressive agenda, while the other is articulate and able to discuss his mistaken views while respecting mine. You could say I learned a lot about songwriting from commie writers, most of whom were and are Jewish (a people blessed with many talents).

I used to like Paul Simon too, but he was infected with the same commie rot. I hear he is also quite the a-hole from people who know him. The arrogant rockers like Springsteen and McCartney along with many others now turn me off with their political babbling. I can’t even stand to listen to many of the older folkies because I have been enlightened to their warped and harmful politics and worldview.

Pete Seeger could have lived to be 194 and spent his final decades singing Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless The USA’ but they’d still be hip to his bullshit.