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Hillary, Relentless and Shameless
National Review | February 14, 2014

The phrase “Clinton fatigue” entered the political lexicon during the previous century; by this point, we surely must have entered the age of Chronic Clinton-Fatigue Syndrome.

Clintons are bad. Bad I tells ya. And if there’s one thing we can say about Hillary now…what would it be? What’s the word? Maybe ‘invisible.’ It certainly wouldn’t be ‘relentless’ or ‘shameless.’ Those would be accurate descriptions of National Review. Also: Pubescent. Pathetic.

It transpires to nobody’s great surprise that Mrs. Clinton was more than a passive victim in the sexual scandal that preceded her husband’s impeachment on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice…

She was an active victim of the Lewinsky sex scandal? Clearly she arranged the little contretemps to her benefit. I’d ask where the hell you get off in squeaking such a fart, but of course Bill Buckley’s still rotting in his grave. I could blame you, but I can’t really be too sure.

President Clinton strutted into church waving a Bible the size of a telephone directory while Democrats painted his critics as the second coming of Roger Chillingworth, if not Padre Torquemada.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, after bitterly dismissing the cookie-baking, “Stand by Your Man” model of wifehood, did precisely that. (The chocolate-chip-cookie recipe she shared with Good Housekeeping was excellent; Bill would later plagiarize a cookie recipe for a cook-off against Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama)…

Eva Braun stayed with her husband! Caligula stole a cookie recipe!

The Clintons are our national grotesques.

I can’t imagine what climate scientist Michael Mann is going to do with Buckley’s house of slobber. Turn it into an ammonia works. Or a whorehouse. A torture chamber, with a fresh coat of paint.