This week’s #3 lesson in gun safety

Came upon this one a little late. For this week’s (just go with it) third lesson in how obviously safe guns are and how clearly responsible gun owners can be we travel to Collin and Denton counties, Texas. Where we defer to firearms safety officer ‘Rags’, the trusted gun club employee.

The Frisco Gun Club just opened in December, and already has 3,500 members; one-third of them are women and families.

The club even attracts non-members for “Ladies Night.” Women arrive carrying their handguns and shotguns and can use the facilities for half-price.

“There’s always a range master; they don’t tolerate any messing around,” said Denny Rice, a registered nurse who comes to the gun range once a week.

“You’re going to be safe when you are here, and they’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to be both safe for yourself — your own family — and how to protect yourself,” she added.

So come one come all. Gentlemen, ladies, noisy kids, nosy neighbors, inbred second cousins, three-legged dogs, insomniacs, penitentiary cases, the intermittently sane, and delicate Fabergé eggs of every gossamer painstaking weave and stripe. Oh hell – bring your family. The safety-conscious folks at the Frisco Gun Club can’t wait to meet you all. Bring your weapons. And if you just so happen to own any body armor you might wanna bring that too:

There was an accidental shooting Saturday night at the new Frisco Gun Club.

An employee was cleaning a gun for a patron when it discharged, wounding the employee in the hand. That person was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Anybody wanna help me put some pressure on this? Rags is starting to go limp.

This is the grand opening weekend for the Frisco Gun Club on El Dorado Parkway just east of the Dalals North Tollway. It calls itself the nation’s largest indoor shooting range, and includes luxury features for members.

A fully equipped surgical station, for one. From this we once again conclude: The more guns you have, the safer your nation’s largest indoor shooting range is.


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