Chuck, Ukraine and the case for permanent war

It’s all so simple. Charles Krauthammer:

Democracy must not be imposed by outside intervention but develop on its own.

But Ukraine is never on its own. Not with a bear next door. American neutrality doesn’t allow an authentic Ukrainian polity to emerge. It leaves Ukraine naked to Russian pressure.

I never knew how worthy of the deaths of Americans this ‘Ukraine’ was until now. To me it always seemed anonymous and remote, but apparently it’s a big deal. And it’s right next door. You liberals can get out a map and argue that it’s a little closer to Russia, and some parts of it are full of Russians, and a few, or many, would prefer to live in Russia, and incidentally that – get this – Russians ran the entire country for seventy-two years, but that’s no excuse for the politics of a coward.

What Obama doesn’t seem to understand is that American inaction creates a vacuum. His evacuation from Iraq consigned that country to Iranian hegemony, just as Obama’s writing off Syria invited in Russia, Iran and Hezbollah to reverse the tide of battle.

We did everything short of invading Syria, but that wasn’t good enough for Chuck. We invaded Afghanistan and over 2,201 Americans died, but that wasn’t good enough for Chuck. We invaded Iraq and 4,846 Americans died, but that wasn’t good enough for Chuck. Every power vacuum everywhere in the world is now our responsibility. Even the power vacuums we ourselves create by way of Krauthammer-style invasions require us to invade again, for a second time, or for a third time. It doesn’t matter that we suffer so bitterly because of it, it only matters that we do it – invading and re-invading the Earth endlessly. Like a foreign policy snake chasing and devouring its own tail.