This week’s lesson in gun safety (#13)

For this week’s lesson in how obviously safe guns are and how clearly responsible gun owners can be we travel to Davidson County, Tennessee. Where we defer to firearms safety officer Robert Goodner.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A teenager is fighting for his life after police say a friend mishandled a loaded gun.

According to police, 18-year-old William Blackwell was visiting a home on the 2300 block of Woodridge Drive on Monday night when the shooting happened.

Witnesses told police Blackwell was holding a .25 caliber pistol that belonged to 18-year-old Robert Goodner when Goodner told Blackwell the safety was off and asked for the gun back.

WOAH there buddy. Haven’t you noticed? I gave it to you with the safety off. It isn’t wise to handle a gun with the safety off. Here, why don’t you give it back to me and I’ll see if I can’t…

Goodner told police he mishandled the gun after it was given back to him and it went off, hitting Blackwell in the neck.

Blackwell was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center after first responders performed lifesaving measures at the scene, police said.

“He messed up. That was his best friend. His best friend,” said Goodner’s older brother, Dtwan Moore.

…sever a major artery. Cover the floor with your blood. Challenge the on-call surgery team to save your life. There’s need to thank me, we’re pals, remember?

This is not the Goodner family’s first time dealing with teenage gun violence, and his mother is now speaking out after this accidental shooting.

“It was an accident, but still, why have guns?” said mother Samika Goodner.

WHAT? Who let her in here?

Last April, police arrested Samika’s step-son, Eric Goodner, after he was accused of shooting and killing Pearl-Cohn student Jonathan Johnson at a bus stop.

“I try to talk to my boys and teach them, but you can only do so much,” Samika Goodner said.

The mother said the gun violence needs to stop.

“I remember when I was growing up, we fought. There wasn’t no guns, but now it’s young boys toting guns and stuff. It’s not good,” she said. “Just teach your kids guns is not the way. They’re not the way.”

Ha ha ha. Guns are not the way, that’s really precious. This woman must be some kinda lunatic. I suppose she could also be from a foreign country, like Australia, where they banned guns and saw the homicide and suicide rates drop by 60%. From this we once again conclude: The more guns you have, the safer your best friend is.