Did you see that? You DIDN’T? My God, you should have seen that.

Writing in the New York Post, John Podhoretz: “Obama’s failed foreign policy just another drag on Democrats.” He begins his treatise by wondering aloud, then he steps forward to answer himself. Frankly it’s all of a surprise:

What could Vladimir Putin’s seizure of Crimea possibly have to do with the upcoming midterm elections in the United States? Indirectly, a very great deal.

There are a great many words that follow here, but first, my foot. Crimea is on the other side of the world. It’s inches from Russia, it’s full of Russians, and for seventy-something years it was run by Russian bureaucrats. Back in the 50’s Kruschev handed Soviet Crimea to the Ukraine provincial authorities, and did your father ever make a fuss about it? I’m thinking not. The Ukrainians are shrugging their weary shoulders over this fait accompli, but we Americans are supposed to be EXCEPTIONAL angry. It’s time we mounted a war campaign and gave Putin the finger – weakness, people! Clap-clap, wouldn’t want to show weakness, would we?

And yet, even if Republican politicians don’t take the lead in pressing the argument, there is strong reason to believe Barack Obama will be held accountable for the Crimean disaster by voters — and that Democratic candidates will pay the price in November.

It’s not like I’m obsessed with vichyssoise. Mmm. Who doesn’t like vichyssoise? Wouldn’t you love to have some?

Even the haunting confusion over the missing Malaysian aircraft, for which no rational person could hold our president responsible, is surely contributing to a general sense that the world is coming unglued — and that the president is hunting around under his desk for a glue stick he hopes one of his predecessors might have left there for him.

Can’t blame the President for a plane crash, but do you really feel good about this? This thing, a general sense of unease? My life hasn’t been affected but everything somehow seems…different. Someone somewhere should probably be held accountable.