Robert Spencer and the 50 year-old Al Qaeda pilot

A massive jumbo jetliner goes missing in the Indian Ocean and all the world fears for its passengers. Robert Spencer plays a famous bigot on the internet. Either the tragedy or the jerk will prevail at some point.

Exactly what happened to flight MH370 is still unknown. Investigators and terror experts now believe the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was solely responsible for the downing of the flight, and did so deliberately as a suicide mission.

Experts and investigators don’t believe that. But the New Zealand Herald recently featured an anonymous interview from a ‘pal’ of the deceased could-be-hero pilot that only a wingnut could love. A fool could build a Townhall piece out of such stuff, if he wanted to.

A friend of Captain Zaharie said, according to the New Zealand Herald, that Zaharie was “in no state of mind to be flying a Boeing 777,” as he “had personal issues; having recently separated from his wife – whom he had children with. It is thought his relationship with another woman was also on the rocks.” The friend said that Zaharie’s “world was crumbling and felt the captain had taken MH370 on a ‘last joyride.’”

While it is remotely possible that this was all there was to it, Captain Zaharie is by no means the first or only pilot to take the helm while his world is crumbling or he is distraught over a failing marriage; yet few have taken their planes on a “last joyride.”

Commandeering a massive plane for joyriding thrills like Satan himself, though he flew 777s for a living, Captain Zaharie went crazy go nuts. Programming the auto-pilot for two, maybe three or four turns over eight hours before belly-flopping hell’s gasless meteor into the far-flung Indian Ocean, he killed everybody including himself. This guy was a professional who somehow took giant leave of his senses to become a terrorist but also act much like himself but more like a terrorist, not that we know why. Which is exactly the sort of thing that Al Qaeda does.

What is more likely, albeit not conclusive, is that Captain Zaharie, who apparently reprogrammed the flight himself in order to take it hundreds of miles off course, was on a jihad mission related to his “fanatical” support for Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim, who has recently been jailed on sex charges that his supporters say are trumped-up. The spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has praised Hitler and prayed that Allah would exterminate all the Jews, has endorsed Ibrahim for Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Spencer concludes that any exceptional/professional Muslim pilot with 18,000 flying hours needs to be monitored by Microsoft and the CIA because of course he’s been waiting 25 years to kill everybody:

…law enforcement and private businesses are today woefully unequipped – often by their own choice – to deal adequately with the threat of Islamic jihad…

In a sane society, a pilot who had allegiances such as those of Zaharie Ahmad Shah would be carefully scrutinized, and would not have had the freedom Zaharie apparently had to reprogram the direction of his flight, as well as to commandeer it under the nose of a stunned world.

The tragedy to me looked like a shock and a mystery, but it turned out to be routine. A Muslim did what Robert Spencer swears they do every day. Why Bob doesn’t run Interpol from his basement, I don’t know.