Ben Shapiro to play Amos, and Stephen Colbert to play Andy…

Stephen Colbert will take over for talk show host David Letterman in 2015, and I’m good with it. I don’t watch many talk shows but when I’m stuck with one, I like to see someone with a sharp mind handle the guests. Colbert’s as sharp as they get.

Ben Shapiro doesn’t care much for the bonus to late night repartee. He’s shocked that Television just handed it’s second sweetest gig to the Steve Allen of Jim Crow:

Stephen Colbert’s Vile Political Blackface

It is nearly impossible to watch an episode of The Colbert Report without coming away with a viscerally negative response to conservatives.

That’s a nasty indictment: political blackface. Because all blackface is political it amounts to a double-barreled insult, and it only gets worse when you consider Colbert could be trafficking in the “vile” kind. That sounds bad. But if there’s a town in America where Republicans are denied access to the same lunch counters and water fountains we enjoy I’m not aware of it. I’m pretty sure the place would have been thoroughly shot up by now, jimmied from the dirt and loaded onto a flatbed to be paraded around as a history lesson (Fascism: Both Sides Do It). Fox News would run live remotes on the exhibit around the clock, all the while calling on the NAACP to disband. But I haven’t seen any spectacle like that, so I’m calling baloney.

Last week, after President Obama gave his highly-mockable “Mission Accomplished” speech announcing that 7.1 million Americans had selected an Obamacare plan, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert hit the airwaves. He did mock. But instead of mocking Obama’s laughably manipulated 7.1 million number, he did his usual routine: pretending to be a cluelessly cruel right-winger, Colbert spat, “I wish I could come to you with some good news, but the worst imaginable thing has happened: Millions of Americans are going to get healthcare.”

Cluelessly cruel? Just look at the evidence. Here’s Colbert doing his schtick: “…the worst imaginable thing has happened: Millions of Americans are going to get healthcare.” And here’s what real conservatives have been saying – Steve Forbes for example:

Obamacare Is Really, Really Bad For You

And the New York Post:

Got ObamaCare? Too bad for you

The National Republican Congressional Committee:

7 Reasons ObamaCare Needs To Be Fully Repealed

And Human Events:

Top 10 Reasons Obamacare Is Bad for America

And Alex Jones:

15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America

Also Ted Cruz:

49 Reasons to Stop Obamacare

And The Heritage Foundation:

900,000 Reasons Obamacare Is Bad

If you say propaganda can be clueless and cruel, I’ll agree.

And this is precisely what Colbert does with regard to politics: he engages in Conservativeface. He needs no makeup or bulbous appendage to play a conservative – after all, conservatives come in every shape and size. Instead, he acts as though he is a conservative – an idiotic, racist, sexist, bigoted, brutal conservative.

Republican heavyweights from Ted Nugent to the Koch Brothers have spent months and millions of dollars herding Americans away from Obamacare. The latter pair even produced and released an ad depicting a creepy Uncle Sam eager to part the legs of a patient lying in a gynecologist’s suite. The Koch brothers’ message was as crazy as it was clear: Here comes a nightmare. And I dare you to parody something as bizarre as that.

We harbor no illusions as to which side of the government healthcare “issue” conservatives come down on. Everybody knows they’re disappointed to see 7 million people now enrolled in Obamacare. So why is Colbert’s parody so reprehensible to Ben Shapiro? I suspect he still doesn’t know the real reason why blackface was so offensive. You ask him, he’ll tell you that white folks did their impressions too well.