Conservatives tailoring reality from whole cloth [part I]

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said…

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

That dig has evolved into a post-modern truth. Political matters sink into paralysis again, and everyone laments: The two sides can’t agree on policy? They can’t even agree on the facts. This is wisdom – it is the simplest explanation for why everything is so hellishly screwed up. We can’t come to any consensus about what to do because we can’t agree upon reality. We can’t even agree that the color of the sky is blue (it’s blue, you idiots).

The Donald Sterling mess is a classic demonstration of this problem. We can disagree as to whether Sterling is an actual threat to the game of basketball. We can argue over whether it is ethical to punish someone after learning about him through unethical means. We can debate whether society would be better off if business were to treat free speech the way federal government is mandated to, because of the Constitution. These are all subjects worthy of discussion.

But some things are not up grabs. Some facts are facts. Like these:
1.) Donald Sterling is a Republican.
2.) Donald Sterling is a racist.

But, of course, here we go:

Desperate Leftists: Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling Is ‘Registered Republican’ OMG! TAKE THAT!! BLARGH!! OMG!!!

OMG this is hilarious!

Desperate, depraved and deluded leftists have “proved” that racist Democrat Donald Sterling’s actually a “registered Republican.”

This from rightblogger Donald Douglas.

Here’s the big “gotcha” post from some brainless leftist at Mother Jones, “Donald Sterling Is a Registered Republican.” If you follow the links, you can go to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters and plug in Sterling’s information — and up pops search results that claim the Clippers owner is a “registered Republican”!!

We desperate and depraved are claiming that Sterling is a registered Republican. MG! We searched the LA county registrar’s records and we found him:

Donald Sterling status

Is this a “fact”? Yes it is. But wait.

Who knows what party he’s registered with, really?

As we’ve demonstrated, the LA county registrar knows. Sterling’s a Republican.

Maybe he registered Republican when he was depressed a few years and never punched a single ticket for a GOP candidate?

Let’s assume that’s true. It would make him a registered Republican.

He’s had loads of legal and marital problems.

He’s a troubled registered Republican.

He’s been sued for his Democrat “plantation style” racism before.

Eeeeexcuse me? Master would not lease his plantation apartments to blacks, therefore he’s a Democrat? I see what’s going on here. Douglas is having such a hard time accepting Sterling’s Republican affiliation that he’s starting to lose his mind.

He can’t have that, of course. So Douglas will now spend some hours of his time at the computer looking into the internet’s soul, and he’s going to discover a truth once obscured by a haze of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo and once all-important party identification. Douglas will uncover the God’s-honest truth about Donald Sterling: He’s a Democrat.

That fact is, as I’ve been saying for days now, Sterling’s a dyed-in-the-wool far-left Beverly Hills liberal of the first order.


All — and I mean all — of his political campaign finance contributions have been to Democrat candidates, and not just “25 years ago” like the loser leftists are screaming until the cows come home.

AAAaannd Don-Doug goes on and on for a gabillion words about how Sterling threw ten thousand of his precious dollars at Democrats. What about that, lieberuls? Considering the few-odd boxes of printer ink and toner he bought for Westside pols over the last twenty five years, and the two billion dollars at his ultimate disposal, I would not count that as definitive evidence of his “dyed-in-the-wool far-left” politics. Four hundred dollars a year is probably less than what Sterling blows on Bentley maintenance a month. If you want to get a feeling for billionaire activism in action, consider that Sheldon Adelson spent over one-hundred million dollars on Republicans in 2012. In any year that Donald chintzes as much as $1000 on politics, it’s the hulking equivalent of your typical American spending…two cents. Seriously, I did the math. But do any of these facts matter, friend?

Or do Douglas’ leftist tweet-facts take priority? If he’s correct, those three college kids surely went down to Philadelphia, Mississippi, in 1964 to have a commie confab with their hooded comrades. The locals say one of the factions denigrated Engels, then heated German insults were exchanged, and yada-yada the Yankees were buried in an earthen dam. Rest assured, homicide at the hands of your pals rates a high liberal honor.

But there’s this fact, and it’s utterly unassailable: The KKK were ultra-conservatives. I know, you’re so shocked. Nothing like modern progressives, they were Southern Democrats. After the passage of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts, those folks swapped their party affiliation and became the rabid right-wing of the Republican party, where they linger today.

At least Donald Douglas admits that Sterling is an obvious racist. His bigotry is what drives the Douglas types to cast him as a true-blue Democrat. Among the conbloggers, though, the allegation is not a settled issue. As we’ll see, real patriots like John Hinderaker won’t concede even that…